ALO Short Stories #1: A New Life
Author Lynnzl (Sean Crastien, revisor)
Published on April 29th, 2015
Main Focus One-eye, Lynn
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N/A ALO Short Stories 2: Reika's Loss
A New Life is the first in a series of short stories surrounding ALO.

Read it here. The picture artist is Quindare.

Summary Edit

The story follows Lynn and One-eye, just after the events of episode 1. Lynn and One-eye are both on the meadows, away from Fichtenwald, where Norder died.

Lynn is sad and frightened, mourning the loss of her last living relative, and afraid of the scary hunchback that is One-eye, who, meanwhile, is going mentally crazy for breaking the oath he'd clung onto for his entire life.

After walking for a while, the two wolves encounter what One-eye describes as an Alpenhaus, a human den (or just a house) on the meadows. A dog from the house notices them, and One-eye, who just wants to die out of misery, gets him to alert his humans, who almost shoot both him and Lynn.

Just before the man shoots, however, One-eye's old instincts come back, and he flees, taking Lynn in his mouth with him. They both get away unharmed.

After this, One-eye gets another mental breakdown, but after that, slowly becomes nicer to Lynn. They walk for a long time, until they encounter another forest (later revealed to be Tannenwald), and both spend the night there. The morning after that, they decide to both stay there. One-eye explores and claims the territory for his own, after which he, exhausted, goes back to Lynn to start his new life as "father."

Trivia Edit

  • The Title, "A New Life", is a reference to Lynnzl's very old and cancelled story New Life, which also starred Lynn and One-eye, but in a completely different setting.