Age 1.3 years, deceased (All Lone Ones)

Deceased (Renegades)

Gender Female
Group/pack None- loner
Species European Shorthair- Wildcat mix
Status Deceased

Abbie is a tortoiseshell cat. She is black with a white underbelly, socks and stripes, green eyes and bright and dark tan spots. A dark red fringe covers her right eye, and she has one thorn ear.


Abbie is a usually very optimistic cat. She does, however, mostly manage to stay realistic. She often is known for getting others to snap out of their sad or angry times, asking them what's up next. She isn't usually liked, nor does she like a lot of others; she's a cat who is used to solitary life. Still, she managed to get a strong bond with Lynn, and is really helpful at times.


The Call of Kitty (ep 2)

Abbie is seen for the first time hunting a bird, but crashing into Lynn. She introduces herself to Lynn and, after she finds out that Lynn has never seen the beauty of the world outside her den, Abbie takes Lynn on a trip to show her the mountain. When One-eye doesn't return from his hunt and Lynn seems desperate, she tries to encourage her, and after sharing some words they decide to go on a search for Lynn's missing dad.


Abbie in her debut episode.

Assassin's Cried (ep 3)

Abbie made a brief appearance in this episode, together with Lynn. The cat is trying to get some rest but Lynn keeps screaming for One-eye.

Between Heaven and Hell (ep 4)

Abbie wakes up and notices that Lynn didn't sleep at all. They have a small conversation, and after that they continue their quest to find One-eye. Later in the episode, Abbie is seen running with two mice she just caught for Lynn. When she first sees One-eye she thinks that he is quite gross, looking at his scars and bad appearance. One-eye becomes aggressive and attacks her. Abbie manages to get away, and manages to back off old One-eye by meowing madly at him. Just when the two of them are about to clash, Lynn interrupts them. She tells her father that Abbie is a friend and helped her a lot. One-eye first gets mad at her, but later realizes that he is hurting Lynn and becomes soft.

Clashing Fangs (ep 5)

Abbie is seen first sitting next to Lynn and One-eye. One-eye states that she can stay. When he is about to explain what happened to him, he sees that it is starting to rain, and states that Abbie doesn't like water, to what Abbie doesn't respond. When it starts, to rain, she avoids a raindrop and goes after One-eye and Lynn. Later, she is seen with the two wolves again. When One-eye explains about the Clan, Abbie states that she never heard of it before, and that she finds it strange. Lynn tries to cheer One-eye up for a bit, and tries to get Abbie to do that as well, but Abbie is a bit clueless. Then, the cat notices Shiba, Strike and Tora. She tries to warn the wolves, but fails, and when she manages to do so, it is too late. One-eye asks Lynn to go with Abbie, which she does after some struggling. Abbie later tries to hold back Lynn from going back to One-eye, without succeeding.

The Calm after the Storm (ep 6)

Abbie manages to make it back to the fight just before Strike is to attack One-eye or Lynn. She tries to attack the white dog, but Strike manages to dodge the attack, and bites Abbie in her neck and ear. Abbie screams for help, and Lynn rushes in to do so. It's not shown how Lynn frees Abbie, but by the time One-eye has knocked out Shiba, she and Lynn are standing side by side. Strike is looking at them, and when One-eye joins the cat and wolf as well, Strike flees. Later, when they are at the brook, Abbie is shown to be a bit hesistant. She stays in the safe bushes, away from the water. When Lynn and One-eye splash some drops on her, she becomes mad. When Lynn and One-eye are done with playing, and Lynn tells One-eye how hungry she is, Abbie offers to go get the mice she left at the meadows. One-eye tells her that those mice won't be enough, so he gives her a place where she can hunt on rabbits. Abbie goes there.

This is Our Home (ep 7)


Finding Strike's collar in the woods.

Abbie is hunting a rabbit, which she brings to One-eye and Lynn, who willingly devour the animal in the most grotesque way possible. Abbie seems to be mildly disgusted by their wolfish eating habits, but when Lynn almost hears her complain, Abbie just states that she'll be leaving to get another rabbit. However, Abbie in fact goes off to Strike, whose collar she found on her way back. She finds her and Tora and Shiba and reveals that the two of them in fact knew each other back when they were just kids: Abbie and Strike had lived on the same farm. However, the cat has wildcat blood, and decided to run away with Katie at young age and thus lived in the wild. After Strike brings up the Clan, Abbie tells them that One-eye also had trouble with that, and the dogs decide to follow Abbie to One-eye and Lynn to talk about the Clan.

Rufus' Clan (ep 8)

Abbie made a brief appearance as she hunts for the dogs and tells them that it's better for them to do the meeting later. The dogs agree more or less. She's later also seen briefly bringing Lynn and One-eye some food.

Journey To Downfall (ep 9)

The next day, Abbie is leading the Cattledogs to Lynn and One-eye. Lynn at first is happy to see her friend, but when she notices the dogs, she backs down. Shiba and One-eye start fighting verbally almost immediately, but Abbie tries to calm both of them down and explains why they're here. She is quickly disregarded, though.

Exclamation Point (ep 10)

During the fight of One-eye and Shiba, Abbie tries with all of her efforts to keep Lynn from intervening, knowing that the pup will get herself wounded if she does. Lynn manages to get herself free from Abbie's hold, though, and does so anyways. Abbie and the other dogs are there, left to watch how the fight ends. When Shiba dies and Strike and Tora run off, very upset, Abbie goes after her old friend to in order to console her and try to reason with her. Strike doesn't want any of it, though, and calls out Abbie for still being on the wolves' side. In the final scene, Abbie is shown to be more meek and upset at Strike's and her friendship ending so abruptly and with such a depressing ending. One-eye apologizes time after time again, when they suddenly come across Silkey at the den.

Outcast (ep 11)

Abbie was present during the confrontation between Silkey and One-eye. She mostly stuck by Lynn's side, too afraid to say anything. When the patrol disobeyed Silkey and returned to the fighting side, Taima lunged and killed Abbie by breaking her spine. In the final scene between Lynn and One-eye, they are seen mourning her near her grave. Lynn accepts Abbie's death and they decide to move on, away from the forest they called home until then.



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  • Celles Vitaes

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  • Abbie is relatively big for a cat. She can almost reach Lynn's shoulder with her head. This is because of her wildcat side..
  • Like most cats, Abbie seems to hate water. She jumped away when a raindrop almost fell on her head and tries to stay out of the rain for as long as possible.