Age 11 years at death
Gender Female
Group/pack Rufus' Clan (formerly: none-Lone One)
Species Eurasian wolf
Status Deceased

Arallita, Arall for short, is a reddish-brown she-wolf with a brown chest, one white ear, brown front paws, greenish eyes, and one scarred leg.

Appearances Edit

Assassin's Cried (ep 3)

Made a small appearance.

ALO Short Stories #4: Forgotten Friendship

Arall first appeared in the cave with all the other young to-be-assassin's. She had the guts to speak up when the others were quiet, which resulted in Arrow ripping off one of her ears. She later joined the group of Maud and Diggs, to which One-eye was later added. She introduced herself and Maud noted her scarred leg, which Arall didn't seem to like. Arall was very glum during their introduction and near-crying. She stayed with the group during the instruction session, and after that, when they were getting some food. When Diggs was insulting One-eye, Arall seemed to be more calm, and she suggested that they don't spend much attention to One-eye. The next day, she is at the training session with the group. Arall fought Diggs during this. After the training session, she tries to cheer up Diggs. She expressed that she misses her parents. When Diggs got to bullying One-eye again, she pointed out that he wasn't worth it. She later appeared in front of the den, fighting with Maud over a stick. Again, when One-eye seems to be victimized, she expresses that bullying One-eye isn't necessary.

In a later training session, Arall fights One-eye. She doesn't perform extraordinarily well. After the training session, Arall's group goes back to the Main Base. Arall spoke anxiously about the future, not wanting to kill anyone. One-eye chimed in, saying he agreed. Maud and Diggs got to harassing him again, but Arall once more told them to knock it off. During the assessment, she is also present and surprised by One-eye's performance. She approaches One-eye and Silkey alongside Diggs and Maud after the assessment is over. The two bullies start taunting One-eye and Silkey again, but Arall reminds them to return to the Main Base.

After Brad gets shot and the news of the Silent Pangs spread across the Clan, One-eye runs into Arall, Maud and Diggs. Arall reminds him that there is no training until the Clan is sure there are no more hunters around. Maud continues taunting One-eye, which makes him snap and kill her. Arall is left behind with Diggs after Maud's death.

Later, after they all have grown quite a bit, Diggs and Arall are seen by One-eye. As soon as they see him, they become anxious and leave together.