Arrow Jones
Age 14 years at death
Gender Female
Group/pack Rufus' Clan
Species Catamount
Status Deceased

Arrow is a copper-brown cougar with dark ears and spots on her muzzle. She has a white belly, paws and tail tip. She has a rather long claws for a catamount and her hair is usually swept back, with a cowlick on the right side of her head. Her ear later got ripped by One-eye.

Personality Edit

The result of a harsh upbringing, Arrow was incredibly strict and cared about one thing only as soon as she acquired it: her high ranking in the Clan.

While she may have been a bit more lenient and easy-going before joining the Clan (though not much), she quickly became completely obsessed with her job and doing it to the best of her ability. She loved to serve Saedin and ruled the Clan together with Brad at her side when the real leader was gone. She was very totalitarian and wouldn't hesitate to punish anyone who went against her will. She was arrogant and thought of herself (and non-misshapen catamounts) as higher than anyone else (except Saedin). She had a great contempt for misshapen or ugly animals/things and hated her daughter Silkey, who had a lazy eye and could never live up to how Arrow imagined her deceased sister to be, very much.


Assassin's cried (ep 3)


Arrow with a young Silkey in episode 3.

Arrow is seen for the first time talking to her daughter Silkey. She tells Silkey that it truly is necessary that they take away the cubs from other families. Later, she approaches Daniel, telling him that he and his sister are coming with them. When he refuses, she scars him and then she decides that Laika is too fat anyways to possibly be a good killer, so she only takes Daniel. She gives him his new name One-eye and tells him that he is going to work for them, killing all Lone Ones. She is later seen when it is some time later, assessing One-eye's fighting skills.

ALO Short Stories #4: Forgotten Friendship


Arrow scarring a young One-eye in the teaser trailer

Arrow first appeared in the first scene, which is a flashback to episode 3 where One-eye makes his promise. Later, she walks in during the sorting of the Lone One pups, bringing in the trainers and silencing the pups by cutting off Arall's ear. She is later mentioned to be the second-in-command of the Clan and by Silkey, who boasts about Arrow being her mother to scare off Maud and Diggs, and referred to as his mate by Brad. After some months of training, Arrow assesses the trainees and is somewhat pleased with One-eye's results. Later, she catches Silkey and One-eye together, having their friendship, which drives her livid. She takes Silkey apart and tries to force her to be more like her, but Silkey refuses. Arrow is later called away for an emergency in the Clan. After another meetup between her and One-eye, Silkey encounters Arrow and Brad arguing over the way they raise her, and when Silkey enters the Base Arrow is visibly angry with her daughter again. After Silkey's father gets killed, Arrow is one of the first to hear of the Silent Pangs and the remaining friendship between her daughter and the deformed wolf. She instantly organizes as much as she can to prevent others from getting shot by the Pangs, and later encounters One-eye and his friend in the woods. She injures the poor pup a lot, castrating him, and forever ending his and Silkey's friendship. This didn't happen before he tore of a part of the cougars ear, though. Arrow later appeared alongside an older Silkey, who now despises her once-friend, and even later again while assessing One-eye's killing skills, where she finally promotes him to being a full assassin.

Family Members:Edit


Current Edit

  • Celles Vitaes


  • LnB9 (in the original episode 3)

Trivia Edit

  • Oldarrow

    Arrow in her conceptual design.

    Arrow originally looked a lot different. She had a golden coat with lots of dark markings, and two scars on her left shoulder. She was later changed to what she looks like nowadays, since the design was too distracting and it wasn't close enough to resembling Silkey's.
  • Another piece of concept art shows her as a more reddish recolor of Silkey with green eyes and dark markings on her muzzle.
  • Arrow is left-pawed (or handed) as shown in episode 3.