Big Feral
Age 5 years (Renegades)
Gender Male
Group/pack Ferals
Species Boxer mix
Status Alive

Big is a brown boxer mix with dark ears, dark eyebrows, a dark muzzle and brown eyes. The insides of his ears are sandy brown and one of his ears is ripped.

Personality Edit

Big enjoys the small things in life and usually doesn't hold grudges for long. He's calm and easy-going and doesn't like difficult situations. He's overall very friendly and open-minded.

Appearances Edit

Untitled (Renegades ep 3)

Big first appears among the Ferals when Kwebso wakes up. He doesn't speak until Nick attacks and pins the little dog. He suggests that Nick lets Kwebso stay with them, to which his brother agrees as long as Kwebso is a prisoner. Big is ordered to guard Kwebso and later introduces himself and the other Ferals. He and Kwebso talk about life with the Ferals and the Clan, and Big reveals that he and Nick had a little brother: Alan, and that that's why the Clan is a touchy subject for the Ferals. He suggests to go hunting with Kwebso, who responds saying that he's a terrible hunter. Big says that Kwebso can't do nothing all day.

Family members Edit

  • Brothers: Nick (alive), Alan (deceased)

Actor Edit

Current Edit

  • Saberclawsproductions