Blaze Wolverson
Age 9 years at death
Gender Male
Group/pack None- Lone One
Species Eurasian wolf
Status Deceased

Blaze is an aging grey Eurasian wolf with bright-grey markings, yellow eyes and some scars on his nose-bridge and chest.

Personality Edit

Blaze was an open-minded wolf who loved the life as a Lone One. He used to do everything by himself, being raised by rather lackluster parents. However, this only made him a stronger wolf. He became an extraordinary hunter and fighter, with quite the attitude and ego. Despite this, he managed to approach a young and uncertain Reika, and the two became mates and eventually fell in love with one another. Blaze was short tempered and incredibly proud of his offspring, and was a great father to most of them, trying desperately to be what his parents weren't. Still, he had an huge distaste for Fricks, and hated his deformed son Daniel more than anything in the whole wide world.


Assassin's cried (ep 3)

Blaze is seen sitting alongside his mate Reika, watching the pups play.

ALO Short Stories #2: Reika's Loss

Blaze made a major appearance in this story. He is Reika's loving mate, but he dislikes her after she bears a deformed pup and doesn't want to give him up, like she should. He and Reika love one another less and less as time goes on. The only normal pups she bore die, and Blaze blames Daniel for it, and she grows more attached to her son than him. Still, he does seem to really care for Reika. After a year, they decide to give having pups one more try, thinking that it could lighten the mood of the family. This works for a while, but after two males accidentally die and Daniel can be seen as responsible for it, which Blaze does, the good mood is gone once more. Blaze does keep pretending to really, really love Reika, but deep down both he and she know that their "real" love is gone forever. After Daniel vanishes, Blaze seems to be rather glad, but he also is crying mildly at his sons "death", though it isn't revealed why. He tries to comfort Reika, but she runs away before he can.

Family MembersEdit


  • In concept Blaze was a very thin and fragile wolf called Peter. Later his design and name where changed to this. His underweight was passed on to One-eye.
  • Blaze died about half a year after Daniel's vanishing because of his old age.
  • It has been revealed that Blaze didn't love One-eye/Daniel and rejected him as his son, but loved Reika, who was totally fond of Daniel, too much to force her to chase him away.