Brad Jones
Age 16 years at death
Gender Male
Group/pack Rufus' Clan (formerly: none)
Species Catamount
Status Deceased

Brad was a golden colored cougar with pale markings on his muzzle, legs, tail, chest and belly and darker markings on his forehead, tail and ears.

Personality Edit

Brad was a bubbly and happy cougar who didn't take life too seriously. Even after gaining one of the highest rankings in the Clan. He just wanted to be together with his mate and children. The more serious and strict Arrow got, the more he rebelled against this attitude. He genuinely wanted to be a good father to Silkey and did, in his opinion, all that he could to protect her.

Brad didn't like to play by the rules and enjoyed playing games a little too much for a cougar his age. He often got distracted easily and didn't care much for anyone outside of his family, though he did warm up to One-eye quickly. He was heartbroken when Arrow chose the Clan over him and Silkey.

It's shown that, though he is mostly positive, Brad could actually snap at others, even at Arrow, who he feared slightly after she became so ruthless and obsessed with her second-in-command job.

Appearances Edit

ALO Short Stories #3: Forgotten Friendship

Brad first got mentioned by Jera. Later, when Silkey and One-eye are hanging out at their tree, Brad approaches them, calling Silkey's name. One-eye is at first very uncertain about him, but he slowly but surely warmed up to the cougar. Later, Silkey overhears him and Arrow talking. Brad is angrily defending her. The argument ends with Brad deciding that he and Arrow are done as mates. He later appeared at the tree with One-eye and Silkey, where they consider running away. Brad says he doesn't want to run away quite yet because he does still believe that Arrow is capable of change. Then, the humans arrive and tranquilize him, taking him away. He is later mentioned a couple of times by several characters, who presume him to be dead.

Family membersEdit


  • Brad's earlier names were Ktou and Paca.
  • It's been revealed that, after he got tranquilized by the humans, he was taken to a zoo, where he lived the rest of his life until he died of old age.