Cattledogs are a subspecies of dogs, only reconised by animals, so not by humans. A Cattledog is a dog that is, unlike a Humandog, trained to protect his or hers cattle, and defending it with his or hers life when necesarry.

They usually are tough, fast dogs. They have a natural hate towards the Wild, especially wolves, the animal that visits their farms the most often to steel some cattle. They are more wild than usual dogs, and not all attached to their humans, because they mainly grew up between the cows, goats and sheep.

Cattledogs are often seen wearing strong, metal collars, sometimes with big spikes sticking out of it, to protect them from wolves who are trying to go for their troat.    


Shiba is the main Cattledog in ALO. Her hate towards wolves is twice as big as with a usual Cattledog. Her parents where killed by One-eye and two henchmen, and on the same day a part of their cattle was also lost. This causes Shiba to be very hating towards the wild, but she takes Silkey's offer. For more, see Shiba.


Strike is, unlike Shiba and Onyx for example, half Humandog and half Cattledog. She is trained to be one, but also had a close bond with her owners. This is unusual for Cattledogs, but Strike loves her humans just as much as her Cattle, and is ready to protect it anytime. Tough not very strong, Strike is one of the fastest dogs around. For more, read Strike.


Onyx is raised to be Cattledog, but she has the mentality of a Humandog. She is pretty laid back and maybe even lazy compared to the others. She'd rather eat the Cattle than protect it, but she still has had enough training not to do this. She might not look like it, but is very strong and she still will do whatever it takes to protect her Cattle. For more, see Onyx


Tora is born in the Wild, and her father is a wolf. But her mother was a Cattledog with a wild heart, who mated with a wolf. This caused Tora, Wolfie and Wolfy to be born. However, their mother took them back to the farm quite quickly after she and the others where born. Tora was trained to become a Cattledog. However, Tora still has a love for the Wild, and she tought of running away more than once. But since she can't speak she has no idea how to make that clear to the others. She also doesn't want to harm wolves like Lynn and One-eye. For more, look at Tora

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