Age Unknown
Gender Female
Group/pack None
Species Penegrine Falcon (steampunk)
Status Alive

Chainsaw is a grey falcon with a dark head, brighter wings and tail. She has a lot of steampunk-ish cyborg parts attached to her, and usually refers to herself as a "steampunk falcon".


An Assassin with a Heart (ep 1)

Chainsaw appeared for the first time trying to scare Lynn away. She clawed at Lynn's ears and started to boast. She also tells her that she look likes the wolf that she saw being attacked. (Norder)



  • Chocolateshakevids


  • Chainsaw is inspired by two of Shiba's OC's: Penny and Rapid.
  • Chainsaw is named after Lynn's random obsession with chainsaws back a while ago.
  • It is unknown what happened to her that made her lose so many feathers, and it's also unknown where she got her steampunk parts. She also refers to herself as "pure breed steampunk falcon", but she is just a falcon with steampunk parts attached to her, so she isn't pure breed.

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