Cyborg eyes, also referred to as CBeyes, robot eyes, or mechanic eyes are a medium used on one-eyed or maybe even eyeless individuals. It provides them sight, but also gives them extras.

Types of cyborgeyes in ALOEdit

Hypercyborg 2000


A Hypercyborg 2000

A Hypercyborg 2000 is one of the basic cyborgeyes, and it is the first cyborgeye to be seen in ALO. It is a relatively old eye. The only known one to wear one is One-eye. One-eye stole it from a dog when he was at five years of age, although this is never shown. Hypercyborgs are pretty bad-quality eyes. They often make noises while moving or blinking, especially after being used for quite a while, and sometimes they even mess up and point at the other way than the good eye or than is meant. Some things Hypercyborgs can:.
  • It has a basic heat vision on it.
  • Blinking
  • Light up in the dark
  • Be controlled apart from the other eye, providing the controller sight to two different sides.

The one who uses a HC 2000 will also have a vision completely in the color of the eye. The eye came in green, blue and purple.

Hypercyborg N5

Hypercyborg N5

A Hypercyborg N5 is a more updated version of the Hypercyborg 2000. The N5 is of a way better quality than the 2000. Hypercyborg N5's only come in dark blue and red and they are pretty rare. The only one to wear one in ALO is Lynn . She gained her cyborgeye after being captured by hunters. One of their hunting dogs ripped out her eye, and since the hunters wanted to sell her for lots of money, they decided to put a robot eye on her, since she wouldn't really sell great with a horrible scar on it. After Lynn escaped from the humans, she kept her robot eye to provide her vision. Things a N5 can, besides from just looking:

  • X-ray sight, although limited
  • It can shut down automatically when the controller starts to cry, what prevents it from crashing due to tears.
  • It has a special "derp mode", which gives the controller the ability to look to two sides at once.
  • Blinking
  • Viewing in both the color of the cyborgeye and realistic colors
  • Light up in the dark
  • It also can give the controller information, like how far an object is away from the controller, or how fast he/she is moving at the moment. 

A-eye MP

An A-eye MP is the last known type of cyborgeye in ALO. 

A-eye MP

MP's are relatively simple eyes. They don't look very great or attractive and are the cheapest of all cyborgeyes. They quality of those things isn't great either, but they still have quite some stuff you can do with it. One-eye is seen stealing one from a dog in the 4th episode. Just like the 2000 it causes the viewer to see everything in the color of the eye. Some things an MP can do:
  • Give you better sight at night, at least better than with the other cyborgeyes. An A-eye MP has infra-red, instead of just lighting up.
  • Light up
  • Go on the internet using a Wi-Fi connection
  • See how fast you are moving or how fast something is nearing you.
  • The Derp Mode
  • Point a small laser in the color of the eye. It is fun to play with when bored. And very confusing since the spot is always where you are looking at.
  • See how fast you are moving.

An A-eye MP doesn't have eyelids like the Hypercyborg's, so it is incapable of showing emotions or blinking.