Dark Guardians are mysterious creatures that represent the soul of the one they live with, the Guardian Carrier.


Dark Guardians are dark creatures. They hide in the Shadow of the carrier when normal, but they feed on bad emotions, so when the Guardian Carrier gets either really sad or really angry, they come out of their shadow state, and go to their real form: a big, dark lizard like creature. 

An example of a Dark Guardian

Dark Guardians can't be stolen from anyone, you are either born with one or not. There is no way to get rid of them, except by killing them. This can only be done by slashing the Guardian's throat while in his lizard form. It rarely works, however, because the Carrier has to be really upset for it to appear. 

Guardians are very rare. Some don't even believe in them. There is a chance from 1/1000 of being a Guardian Carrier, and you just get born one, so you can't decide whether you want to be one or not. 

The Guardians are usually seen as evil, which isn't strange, considering that they feed on emotions. When the Carrier get's sad, the Guardian will come out and make stuff worse. They can, however, also be used to the Carrier's advantage. When the Carrier is really mad, in a fight, the Guardian might come out of their shadows and fight alongside them, see the Use section for more.

When a Guardian get's killed, for whatever reason, it will flow away from the Carrier slowly. To the Carrier, this is an extremely painful experience, which is also a reason why many Carriers keep their Guardian, instead of killing it off. 

Anyone of any species can be born with a Guardian, as long as it's an animal or human. Only reptiles, arachnids and insects seem to be incapable of having one, for unknown reasons.

Aging progressEdit

Guardian Carriers are usually not destinctable from usual individuals until they reach their 7 years old, whether it is in human or wolf or whatever years.

An example of a Guardian Shadow

The first things making clear that they are Carriers are small flashes, form their usual shadow to their Guardian Shaped shadow on certain moments, just for a few seconds. The parents or caretakers of the young can see that their child is Carrier this way, and prepare him or her for what is to come. 

When the Carrier is in their teenage years, again, species doesn't matter, the Guardian will sink in and the shadow will change permanently to the Guardian shadow. The first "real" appearance of the Dark Guardian itself will be with the first traumatic, really sad or angry emotion during the earlier teenage years. 

When the individual has grown up, they usually just carry the Guardian like they usually do, but don't pay much attention to it. Only emotions can unlock the Dark Guardian's true form, and mostly the adults are more emotionally stable. 

When the Carrier dies, the Guardian will simply die along with it. It will vanish into the air slowely. 

Known CarriersEdit

In ALO, there are a several known Carriers revealed, tough only canines:




When they are in their shadow, Dark Guardians resemble their lizard form, but adjusted to the size etc. of the Carrier.

When in their true form, Guardians look the closest to slender, black lizards. They always have a long tail, long claws, thin paws, long snouts and toungues and sleek teeth. Their eyes are pupilles, and usually the only way to reconize the Guardian. The eyes can be any possible color. They can also be blind, like in Lynn's case.


When the Guardian comes out in a case where the Carrier is sad, it will wrap itself around the Carrier, and make it feel worse. It can vanish when the Carrier's sadness is interupted, or fades away.

When in a fight, the Guardian might help the Carrier. However, this is concidered an abomination. It is an unwritten law among any species that a Guardian is only allowed to fight another Guardian, and not anything "real". If a real life creature get's attacked by a Guardian, it will go through an intense pain, but the Guardian will feel the pain as well. Like reviving the dead, it is one of the biggest "no-no"'s the world has to offer, and therefore it will rarely happen.