Age 11 years (All Lone Ones)

13 years (Renegades)

Gender Female
Group/pack Rou's Clan (Formerly: none- Lone One)
Species Eurasian wolf
Status Alive

Dawn is a brown she-wolf with white legs, inner ears, a white muzzle, under tail, belly and chest, a dark brown back and tail, dark ears, a dark scent gland and yellow eyes.

 Appearances Edit

Assassin's Cried (ep 3)

Made a small cameo during an assessment.

ALO Short Stories #4: Forgotten Friendship

Dawn first appears asking why there were so little Lone One assassin's from the earlier training program. When Diggs looks for a wolf to join their group, he asks her, she has one already. Dawn later tells about the Great Zoo Breakout, after which she asks how Saedin possibly arranges all of this. Later, she is assigned to fight One-eye during an assessment by Arrow. One-eye successfully manages to tackle her and proceeds to apologize if he hurt her. Dawn says it's okay.

Actor Edit

Current Edit

  • Lynnzl

Trivia Edit

  • Dawn was originally a character from an earlier wolf story by the same creator.