Age 4 years at death
Gender Male
Group/pack None- Cattledog
Species Husky mix
Status Deceased

Dexter is a dark blue coated dog mix with a white muzzle, chest and belly, blue eyes, dark brown hair, red ears, back and tail tip, and a notch in his right ear. Just before he died he also lost one eye and had a huge scar on his shoulder.


Between Heaven and Hell (ep 4)

Dexter is just doing his job with Shiba and Marie in Shiba's flashback: guarding the cattle. But then One-eye appears, together with two other Clanmembers. When One-eye tries to grab a goat, Dexter attacks One-eye. However, the aging wolf manages to get away and he attacks Dexter, who is no competition for One-eyes skills. One-eye cuts out one of Dexters eyes and stabs him in his shoulder. This frightens Marie, and she runs away. Dexter is knocked out for a while, so One-eye and his gang go after her. Marie gets killed by One-eye, and Dexter and Shiba withness it with their own eyes. Although weak, Dexter does one final attempt to attack the timber wolf, which leads to his death. One-eye rips open Dexters neck and rips out his artery. He even swallows a part of it later. Dexter dies.

Family MembersEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Dexter is named after a cat Lynn knew in real life.

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