Age Unknown
Gender Male
Group/pack Rufus' Clan (formerly: none- Lone One)
Species Eurasian wolf/Siberian Husky mix
Status Unknown

Diggs is a grey and white wolfdog with blue eyes. 


Assassin's cried (ep 3)

Diggs is seen killing Lynn in One-eye 's nightmare. He later appears during the flashback dream besides his teammates, astonished by One-eye's fighting skills. 

ALO Short Stories #4: Forgotten Friendship

Diggs first appears when groups are being made with the Lone One assassin trainees. Diggs clearly shows his disapproval for One-eye. Later, when they leave the cave, he is seen bullying the deformed pup. He is later assigned to fight with Arall during training. After training, he talks with his group for a bit. He continues to bully One-eye to the point of biting him on his hump, scarring him. Silkey then comes to break up the fight, though. Training continues, and Diggs is present during it. His harassing of One-eye continues as well. During the assessment with Arrow, Diggs gets to fight someone else, and he excels. Diggs continues to bully One-eye after he assessment, even though he managed to be caught by surprise by the one-eyed wolf. After One-eye snaps and kills Maud, Diggs is horrified and shocked. Diggs later appears again, but has ceased to harass One-eye, now afraid of him. 

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  • Silverthepuppy