Season 1, Episode 12

Air date September 10th, 2016
Written by Lynnzl, Sean Crastien
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Episode 11: Outcast Renegades Episode 1: Commonplace


The episode starts out with Lynn attempting to hunt a grouse. She fails, but her friend Sam manages to catch it. Both are glad to have prey, but Lynn remarks that her hunting skills are terrible and will eventually get her and One-eye killed if she can't hunt for them both. Sam, however, says that she'll get it eventually and supports her. Both go back to bring the grouse to One-eye.

When they appear, the elderly wolf is sleeping. One-eye's grown very old over the past year: it's nearly impossible to walk for him and his cataract made him blind. He wakes up when Lynn and Sam appear with the grouse. He remarks that it smells divine and he thanks Sam for the catch. Lynn instantly wants to practice her hunting again, so she runs off to do so, Sam at her heels. One-eye goes back to sleep.

Meanwhile, Silkey has found One-eye after a year of roaming as a rogue. She considers approaching him to restore their friendship, but, in the end, decides to leave it as it is and leaves.

Trivia Edit

  • The final episode of the series
  • Originally there wasn't going to be an epilogue, and the series would end with episode 11 as it is now. However, due to the openness of the ending, Lynn wanted to bring a bit more closure to Lynn's and One-eye's arc, so a tiny epilogue to show how they are faring one year later was made.