Episode 11: Outcast
Season 1, Episode 11

Air date August 19th, 2016
Written by Lynnzl, Sean Crastien
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Outcast is the eleventh episode.

Summary Edit

The episode starts where the last one left off: Silkey and One-eye facing each other. One-eye is rightfully livid at her and doesn't want her on his territory, but Silkey just gives him sassy comments in return, to which One-eye also responds with those. This is, until they are broken up by Sai. Silkey sends her soldiers away to surround the area and get out of her view. This is seen as an odd decision by her warriors, but they obey.

Silkey and One-eye fight for a bit, but neither of them launches actual killer attacks to one another. In the end, both get wounded, and Silkey pins One-eye to the ground, which gives her a small flashback to when she pinned him in a game of hunting they played as cub and pup. When One-eye snaps her back to reality, he accept that Silkey has won. He asks her to take care of Lynn and to end his life quickly. Silkey responds very confused to this, but before she can do anything, she sees that her soldiers have disobeyed her and have attacked Lynn and Abbie, killing the latter.

One-eye rushes to help Lynn, notching up Rou's ear, while Silkey scolds her warriors for disobeying. She then sends them away again, which is met with even more backlash this time, but they do oblige.

Silkey decides that she won't kill One-eye and that she'll let him and Lynn go, on the condition that One-eye pretends to be dead for a bit. He does so, and Silkey calls back the patrol to see the fake-dead One-eye. They come back, but none of them believe it and they quickly realize that this was just another one of Silkey's confused missions. Silkey does insist they go back to Rufus, though, which they do. One-eye and Lynn are left behind alone, confused, sad, but also somewhat liberated.

When Silkey and her patrol reach Rufus, she first insists that One-eye is dead, but Taima spills the beans that Silkey didn't really do anything to One-eye, causing the mighty leader to take his deputy apart and hear her out. Silkey reluctantly tells her leader about her friendship with One-eye and that she didn't have it in her to kill him. Rufus seems to understand, but he's worried about Silkey's functioning as a second-in-command because of all of the confusion she feels, so he decides to temporarily remove her from her deputy position, much to her dismay, but in the end she obliges.

Meanwhile, Rou is found by Jewel, his sister, and their mother, who were worried sick when they heard that Rou was in the patrol to bring down the Demon. When Taima describes the Demon, Rou's mother flinches, and she reveals that One-eye is in fact her brother and thus Jewel's and Rou's uncle, making her Laika, One-eye's long lost sister.

Silkey is in her cave, contemplating what her life is worth now that she's not longer a deputy. She then decides to leave, seeing that it is no use anymore without that job.

Back at the Lone Ones, One-eye and Lynn have buried Abbie and are ready to leave. One-eye is worried, and one more time tries to tell Lynn about her father, but Lynn tells him that she's done with the past now and really wants to move on, seeing the death of her friend in this territory as the final factor into pushing her away from this place and what happened there. One-eye agrees reluctantly, and they decide to leave, looking for a new, safe territory, far away from the Clan.

Goofs Edit

  • Silkey's eyebrow markings vanish multiple times
  • When vanishing into Rufus' den, the patrol is supposed to fade, but this fade effect got cut out of the render, making them vanish instantly

Trivia Edit

  • The episode titlecard was drawn by Cylithren
  • Different endings were possibly going to happen first. There were conceptual endings where One-eye, Silkey or Lynn would all die. There was also an original ending to season 2 where both Lynn and One-eye would survive, but go their separate ways at the end of the series.