Episode 1: An Assassin with a Heart
Season 1, Episode 1

Air date December 14th, 2012 (original release), October 17th, 2017 (latest re-release)
Written by Lynnzl, Quindare (reviser)
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An Assassin With A Heart is the first episode of All Lone Ones.

Summary Edit

The story begins when Lynn tries to sneak out of the den. But her father, Norder, stops her, and tells her he is going out hunting. After he leaves, Lynn decides she is a wolf and nothing beats a wolf, so, being stubborn, she goes into the forest. 

Norder tries to catch a rabbit, as prey, however, Lightning is too fast and flees into his hollow. Then, a strange wolf with a cyborg eye appears: One-eye. Norder warns One-eye to get of his territory, but One-eye ignores him and attacks. They both clash and Norder is able to grab One-eye's back. 

Lynn is discovering the forest. She never really went far from the den, so the forest is really impressing for her. Then, she gets attacked by Chainsaw, who cuts her ears. Lynn tries to fight Chainsaw, but when Chainsaw says that Lynn looks a lot like a certain wolf she just saw being killed, Lynn assumes it is her father and goes searching for him.

Norder is almost dead. The last thing he does is asking One-eye to stay away from his daugther. One-eye seems to be quite surpirsed that Norder has a daugther. Then, Norder dies.

One-eye hears Silkey calling for him and decides it is time to go. 

One-eye goes to a nearby stream to clean his bleeding wounds, while Lynn goes searching for her dad. When she finds her father she is hopeless. She has no parents anymore. 

One-eye hears her screaming and finds her, sitting next to her father's battered dead body. He tells her he is sorry for her, but tells her he has to go anyways. Lynn begs him to take her with him, since there are no other wolves in that part of the forest. One-eye thinks back to his past, and then realizes what he has done to this little pup. He decides to step down from his assassin jobs and to become her adopted dad. They both leave Fichten and go to another, smaller forest, when One-eye hopes not to be found and to be able to raise his daughter in peace. 


  • In his old, yellow design, Norder's ear markings vary constantly. From having no inner ear color to having a pale inner ear color to having the inner ear color with darker ear tips to just having the darker ear tips.
  • Norder's tail tip marking changes size frequently.
  • Lynn's eye color changes from pale blue to deeper blue halfway the episode.
  • One-eye is shown without his scars at some points.
  • One-eye's nose is black in one shot.
  • Lynn's ear notches change size, shape and blood color frequently.
  • Norder is shown without scratches in the first shot where he's being pinned to the ground by One-eye, yet they are all over his body in the shots after it.
  • One-eye is shown without the wounds he gained by fighting Norder in some shots.
  • One-eye's notched ear is supposed to be on the left side, yet in one shot, his right ear is thorn and his left one flawless. 
  • One-eye is shown without his hunchback for the majority of the episode. When it does appear, it's only a very small bump rather than a really big deformity like it's supposed to be.
  • At one point a background starts too late. 
  • One-eye is shown with inner leg markings in some shots.
  • At one point in the episode, One-eye's cyborgeye has the same color as the background. 
  • The blood on Lynn's recently thorn ears vanishes in a few shots.
  • One-eye's coat color changes from gray to darker gray.
  • Norder's tail position differs from shot to shot, after he already died. 

Trivia Edit

  • The assassin in the title is One-eye
  • Norder's design changes halfway into the episode because his old design genetically makes no sense for Lynn.