Episode 3: Assassin's Cried
Season 1, Episode 3

Air date May 10th, 2013 (original), Oct 28, 2017 (latest re-release)
Written by Lynnzl
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Assassin's Cried is the third episode of All Lone Ones.

The original episode 3 got re-released quite a few times.

In 2015, a partial remake of the episode was released because of quite a few continuity flaws in the original, making the first versions of episode 3 no longer canon. All info on this page is regarding the remake of the episode.

Certain characters that were cut from the original in the remake are not to be found on the Wikia as they are not longer canon, and especially the fact that some of them caused continuity issues. Only Divine remains on the Wiki for reasons explained later.

The partial remake got reuploaded in 2017.


One-eye , now captured by Silkey , keeps having nightmares about Silkey finding Lynn. But one time he dreams about something else: his past. One-eye, called Daniel back when he was 1 year old, lived in a happy Lone One family, existing out of his parents Blaze and Reika, and his young sister Laika. One day he takes Laika on a guided tour in their territory. When Laika runs away because she sees a mouse, Daniel suddenly gets approached by a cougar: Arrow, and her daughther Silkey. Arrow tells Daniel that he and Laika are coming with them. Daniel keeps refusing, and Arrow ends up cutting out his left eye. Daniel stays strong, doesn't matter how much it hurts, and then Arrow insists that they won't hurt Daniels family if he joins them.

Later, in a cave, the same one as where old One-eye is now, Arrow explains what she is doing: She works together many other wolves, cougars, lynxes, foxes, dogs, and with Saedin as their leader, to create peace between the many animals covering the mountain. Only the rebellious Lone Ones keep running in their way, and they have to be removed. She tells Daniel, after she calls him One-eye, that that will be his job. One-eye insists that he will kill Lone Ones, but only the Lone Lone Ones, true loners, just one wolf, and no Lone Ones with families.

One-eye goes in training to become a true fighter, to the surprise of his fellow Lone One Assassin-trainees, and Arrow as well.

Throughout the years One-eye grows stronger, more cold-blooded and independed. Then, one day, he kills Norder, assuming that he is a Lone Lone One. But after Norder states that he has a daughter and he finds Lynn next to her fathers body, he takes her with him. 

One-eye wakes up in the present and decides that, whatever he did, he still has to be there for Lynn. Especially after he hears her scream, knowing that she's still alive. One-eye escapes, off to look for his adopted daughter.

Silkey is seen, meanwhile, at a meadow, where four herding dogs are doing their job. Shiba notices the cougar and calls for the others.


  • One-eye is shown without his hunchback quite a few times.
  • Lynn's voice in this episode sounds really rough. This is because Lynn (the actress) had a cold and had no other time to record lines.
  • In One-eye's dream, where everything except some eyes and blood everything is supposed to be black and white, One-eye himself is shown at one point with pink gums. 
  • He also doesn't have his missing tooth in this scene. 
  • Lynn's and One-eye's ear notches change location frequently.
  • Withing a matter of seconds, One-eye in his flashback goes from being just a little bit bigger as Laika, to being almost the size of an adult wolf. 
  • Blaze's brighter inner ears vanish in one shot. 
  • The same goes for Reika's V-shaped chest marking.
  • One-eye is shown with inner leg markings at some points.
  • During One-eye's "fight" with Laika, his under belly marking vanishes.
  • Arrow's cowlick vanishes once or twice.
  • Something went wrong with the way the dialogue was paced in the cave scene.

Trivia Edit

  • The episode is named after Assassins Creed.
  • This is Lynnzl's least favourite episode, even after the redo.
  • The redo was mainly done because of continuity issues regarding designs, character ages, and certain things that were said that weren't canon anymore.