Episode 5: Clashing Fangs
Season 1, Episode 5

Air date May 31st, 2014 (original), November 19, 2017 (latest re-release)
Written by Lynnzl
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Clashing Fangs is the fifth episode from All Lone Ones.


We start right where we left off: the meadow. One-eye confirms that Abbie may stay for a while. Lynn gets sad and asks One-eye why he got back so late. One-eye is about to explain what happened, but when he notices it is about to rain, they decide to go to the forest, where they can seek shelter under the trees.

Shiba, Strike and Tora notice that they are leaving. Shiba wants to go right after One-eye to kill him, but Strike wants to see where he and the others are going. A small verbal fight between the dogs follows, and by the time it's solved, One-eye is gone already, and the rain has begun. They go into the forest.

Meanwhile, Onyx is trying to spy on Silkey the Clan's territory. She quickly gets caught by Five, who ran away from his current patrol. Kwebso, the patrols leader begs him to come with the patrol, to make sure that they get back in time. Five tries to convince Kwebso of Onyx's presence, but doesn't succeed until the patrol has left and Onyx came out of the bushes. Five catches her and the patrol returns to see what's going on.

One-eye started telling Lynn that he got wolfnapped by the Clan, keeping his earlier involvements with the Clan a secret. After that, he gets sad because he feels horrible for having screamed at Lynn for so long, but Lynn forgives him and tries to cheer him up. Abbie notices Shiba and the other dogs approaching, and tries to warn them. When she finally manages to get the attention of Lynn and One-eye it is too late: they're surrounded.

One-eye orders Lynn and Abbie to go back to the den, while he would fight to distract the dogs. Lynn disagrees at first, but One-eye more or less forces her to go when Tora attacks. A fight follows, where One-eye, Tora, Shiba and Strike get wounded.

Lynn, who is heading back to the den with Abbie, quickly changes her mind when she hears One-eye screaming in pain. She goes back to help her father. Meanwhile, Silkey and her patrol are picking up the sound as well.

One-eye manages to push Tora and Strike aside, and has a small and cruel conversation with Shiba, joking about her parents. Shiba gets mad and is about to crush him to death, but Lynn comes in between the two just in time and the two face each other.


  • It was intentional to make this episode the debut episode of Five.
  • When Abbie interrupts Lynn and One-eye's conversation to warn them about the dogs, Lynn responds almost out of character angrily with "What?". This line was originally going to be said by One-eye, but his actress forgot to record the line and was hard to contact, so in the end, Lynnzl recorded it herself, reluctantly, because it isn't really like Lynn to react so harsh to her new friend, while it is clearly something One-eye would say.
  • In this episode, Abbie is voiced by a different actress, because her original, had a broken microphone and couldn't buy a new one before the due date of the episode.


  • During the conversation between Shiba and Strike, when Shiba faces the other dog, Strike's back marking isn't there. The outline of it is drawn, tough.
  • One-eyes scratches vanish or switch places more than once.
  • Five's "marking lines" vanish in a few shots. 
  • The tears in the ears of the same character change shape and location more than once, as well.
  • Rassa's tail markings change shape.
  • At some points their ear is also shown without the huge notch in it.
  • When Onyx turns around her head when she hears Five for the first time, her fringe switches from the left to the right side.
  • During the conversation where Lynn and One-eye talk about their cyborgeyes, the background on One-eye's side keeps panning. This is because the wrong background was copied and pasted onto these clips. 
  • During the fight sequence, some backgrounds either change too early or too late.