Episode 6: The Calm After The Storm
Season 1, Episode 6

Air date November 8th, 2014 (original), March 20th, 2018 (latest re-release)
Written by Lynnzl
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The Calm After The Storm is the sixth episode of All Lone Ones.


The episode starts with a parallel to the end of episode 5 : Strike manages to scar One-eye' s leg. Silkey is surprised by his scream. Kiwi tries to investigate what's going on, since Silkey starts acting very vague. Silkey gets mad ad Kiwi for doing so, and orders the chihuahua to go to the place of the scream. She and Acero go back to the main base, where Rufus can arrive any second.

Meanwhile, Lynn and Shiba reveal their Dark guardian's. They start to fight, while One-eye takes on Tora and Strike. Abbie also rushes in to help, but Strike tears her left ear. Tora gets chased away by One-eye. Shiba almost kills Lynn, but One-eye attacks her, and smashes her to the other side of the forest, making her leave. Her DG vanishes with her as well. Now that only Strike is left, she gives up as well.

After the fight, One-eye and Lynn show their caring sides for each other. When it seems that they are all okay, they dedide to flee to the creek, which is a safe hideout.

The rain has stopped, and Onyx is still investigating in Silkeys territory, but she got found by some members of the Clan . She gets asked who she is and what she's doing here. Onyx tells them that Silkey visited her and her friends to kill an one-eyed wolf. When she says that, the patrol looks rather surprised, and Kwebso tells her that her friends are probably dead by now. Onyx is sad at first, but then she is determined to find Silkey, and the patrol decided to take her to the cougar.

Lynn, Abbie and One-eye are at the creek, and Lynn becomes very playful. She and One-eye are playing in the water, until One-eye accidentally hurts his leg. He stops playing, and Lynn as well. They decide to take a nap, while Abbie goes hunting for food. Meanwhile, Kiwi, one of Silkey's henchmen, is watching them...


  • When Abbie calls "Hello, I'm still here!" to Lynn and One-eye near the end, Lynn's head makes a random twitchy move while turning around. 
  • The scratches on One-eye vanish or change shape more than once. 
  • When Lynn asks One-eye if he's okay after the battle, he helds up his left paw to point at himself to say "Me?". However, in the next shot, where he is holding one paw up to whipe the blood off his jaws, it's his right frontpaw.
  • The wound on Shiba's left flank changes shape a few times, and at some points even vanishes.
  • At some points, One-eye is seen leaning heavily on his injured leg, while it should be held up, or at least be leaned on faintly. 
  • When Kwebso tells Onyx that her friend are dead, Onyx starts crying. In a next shot, however, there are no signs of tears on her face. In the shot after that, they are back again. 
  • Kwebso's line "My name is Kwebso Regano" is pitched too deep. 
  • Rassa misses the markings under his eyes for almost the entire time they're on screen. 


  • It has been revealed in the description that Silkey's vague behavior has something to do with One-eye. 
  • Skull trumpet appears behind the credits, as the episode aired around Halloween times.