Episode 7: This is Our Home
Season 1, Episode 7

Air date May 22nd, 2015 (original), March 25th, 2018 (latest re-release)
Written by Lynnzl, Sean Crastien (revisor)
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This Is Our Home is the seventh episode of All Lone Ones.

Summary Edit

The episode starts with Abbie hunting. She finds Strikes collar on her way and seems surprised. She brings Lynn and One-eye a rabbit and leaves.

The two wolves devour the rabbit and then have some talk, and Lynn shows how happy she is with the "new" One-eye. He shows her some stalking techniques, which Lynn never seems to get quite right. When she lifts her shoulders just too high, he seems to be a bit disoriented. He and Lynn continue training until she has the basics of a stalking pose correct, after which One-eye, who is still tired, goes to sleep.

Meanwhile, at the cattledogs, Shiba and Strike are arguing about whether to go back and try again to kill One-eye or go. Strike insists that they should go back, but Shiba wants to murder him. Their discussion gets interrupted by Abbie, however, and the cat reveals that she used to know Strike, who is delighted to see her old friend again. Abbie explains that about a year ago, she left the farm with her sister to live in the wild, but that she and Strike were friends before she left. They talk for a bit, and when the Clan gets brought up, Abbie seems surprised, since the information the two of them have is very confusing once put together. Abbie decides to lead the dogs to One-eye and Lynn to talk.

Meanwhile, Onyx, still mourning over her friends, and Kwebso tries to comfort her, without proper results. Onyx discovers some tree guards on their way to the Clan and grows mildly suspicious of them.

Silkey, who doesn't look very good, and Acero are arriving at the Main Base while this is happening. Lime informs Silkey that Rufus has actually been waiting for her to start a meeting, which disorients Silkey big time. She quickly runs off to prepare herself for the meeting, after which she pleads for forgiveness for being tardy by Rufus, who just shrugs it off, not even angry, and start the meeting.

Onyx and the patrol reach the Base, and Onyx is surprised by how many animals there are. Kwebso guides her to a heap of prey. At first she's reluctant, but later she eats a squirrel, while Kwebso tells her about how he used to live with an old lady, but how she died and he and Richard later joined the Clan. He also tells her about Clan life, but Onyx still seems to neglect his question on whether or not she'll stay.

The meeting is over, and Silkey comes out of the cave. Lime tries to talk to her, but they are interrupted by Kiwi, who brings the news that One-eye is still alive, which disorients Silkey a lot.

Goofs Edit

  • Abbie's pale nose marking vanishes once in the first scene.
  • In the part where One-eye and Lynn talk about Lynn's short tail, there is a randomly shifting line on One-eye's front paw.
  • In the dog scene, Strike misses the blue streak in her hair at one point.
  • During Strike's speach on why Shiba hates wolves, her head is another color white than the rest of her coat, which is more creamy.
  • The line in which Shiba describe's One-eye's aestetics isn't synced up 100% properly.
  • When Abbie gets up and talks to Strike for a bit, her shoulder markings are mirrored for a shot.
  • When Abbie says "She's nice" about Lynn, her heads twitches for a bit.
  • During the walk cycles of the fourth scene, the one of Rassa just randomly appears out of thin air, and doesn't enter the screen from the left, like with the other ones.
  • The forest on the 14:40 mark randomly moves to the left for a millisecond. This, however, is a renderin issue that cannot be fixed.
  • Silkey's wrinkles vanish quite a few times.
  • When he's first shown prominently in a shot, Rufus doesn't have the markings that run from his eyebrows to his cheeks.
  • When Kwebso shrugs, he doesn't wear his battleclaws.
  • Kwebso's mouth doesn't move when he says "you know" in the eating scene.

Trivia Edit

  • The longest episode until now: 22 minutes, which is especially long since the last episode wasn't even 12 minutes long.
  • The original title of the episode was going to be Cattledogs, since Onyx, Shiba and Strike do have a bigger focus that Silkey or Lynn and One-eye. It was later changed to This is Our Home, though, seeing how both Abbie and Kwebso state something along those lines about their life in the wild.
  • The title, This is Our Home, is a reference to the epic soundtrack This is Our Land by Ian Honeyman, a soundtrack that was listened quite a few times during the episode production.
  • Because Lynnzl is bad at pretending to sound like she's eating something without actually having something in her mouth, for the line Lynn says with her mouth full, she stuffed the three only foods she could find in her mouth while recording, since only two was too little. These pieces of food were a tomato, banana fruitella and a small Milka-piece. The result is the grossest thing ever.
  • The episode where One-eye changed actors. Shiba's and Onyx's actor change is (supposed to be) temporary (depending on whether or not the actors can get their lines in for next episode), but the One-eye change is definite.