Episode 8: Rufus' Clan
Season 1, Episode 8

Air date July 3rd, 2015 (original), April 1st, 2018 (latest re-release)
Written by Lynnzl, Sean Crastien (revisor)
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Rufus' Clan is the 8th episode of All Lone Ones.

Summary Edit

The episode starts where the seveth left off. Rufus heard the news of the Demon being alive and calls for a meeting, where he discusses how strange and reckless Silkey's plans with One-eye were. She is really sorry, but Rufus knows when to be strict and scolds her.

Abbie is leading the dogs to One-eye and Lynn, but after getting them some food changes her mind, saying that appearing so soon after an attack might trigger One-eye badly since he is very skitterish. So they decide to wait until tomorrow morning with the meeting.

While this is going on, Onyx is still with Kwebso, realizing that her plans for revenge for her friends will never come true with so many animals in the Clan. She gets distracted when she sees some old friends and talks to them. Kwebso meanwhile is called to Rufus to verify Onyx as a source of information, but Kiwi, who leads him to Rufus, also tells him that the Cattledogs are still alive. Kwebso returns to Onyx and tells her this, after which she bolts off to look for them.

In the evening, One-eye is having a nightmare and remembers making the promise he made and always lived by: not killing Lone Ones with families. He also remembers killing Norder, and thus breaking his order. He wakes up from his nightmare, only to have Lynn in front of him, worrying. He feels that, with all of this dreaming going on, had him changing his attitude towards her, he has to tell her the truth. So, he starts by telling her that he used to be part of the Clan, and that it was a terrible life there. Lynn is slightly confused ans asks him why he didn't leave them earlier if it was so horrible, but One-eye slips back into his mean attitude for a second. He quickly recovers himself, though, and is about to tell her, with a lot of mental pain, that he was the one that killed her father. Lynn, noticing the pain he's going through, puts a halt to it, saying that she doesn't want him in more pain than he's already been in, and that he should let the past go. Abbie then approaches with a rabbit for the wolves.

In the final scene, we see Silkey also having a flashback dream, revealing that she and One-eye used to be friends in their youth. She wakes up, all distresses, and realizes what she's gotten herself into.

Goofs Edit

  • Rufus is improperly chroma keyed at times, making his eyes seem a bit off-color, and giving him a strange edge near his lineart.
  • Silkey's wrinkles are missing several times
  • In a few shots, the chroma keying and edge cutting isn't done well enough, causing a strange, half-transculent line to be visible on the screen.
  • When Onyx stands up to defend her friends during the meeting, there is a part of her body missing. This is because Kwebso was supposed to sit in front of her.
  • Strike's line "I wish I could hunt. Just for the moment, though." is improperly lip synced.
  • When Kwebso asks Kiwi about how the patrol went, his mouth doesn't move.
  • While all sounds in One-eye's dream sequence are supposed to be echoing, a few are not.
  • During a few lip syncing sequences, the characters leave their mouths hanging open when they're done speaking, instead of closing it like it is supposed to be.
  • Some of the battle wounds characters received in episode 5/6 change shape or vanish at times.
  • One-eye's missing-eye scar sometimes misses the smaller scar on his forehead.
  • The wrinkles above his empty eyesocket also vanish at times.

Trivia Edit

  • Lynnzl's favourite episode to work on to date, besides it probably being the least animated episode since the first and possibly second.
  • The episode that took the shortest time to make besides episode 1 and possibly 2.
  • Episode 8 was originally going to be named Rufus' Clan, but the title later changed to Dreams From The Past. However, it sounded a bit too whimsical, so the original was used in the final version.
  • It's been revealed that Silkey being called out for her ridiculous ideas is more or less Lynnzl scolding herself for not planning ALO ahead, which is the main cause of Silkey's messy plans to begin with.