Episode 9: Journey To Downfall
Season 1, Episode 9

Air date January 14th, 2016 (original), December 22nd, 2017 (latest re-upload)
Written by Lynnzl, Sean Crastien
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Journey To Downfall is the ninth episode.

Summary Edit

The episode starts with Kwebso and some others looking for Onyx in the middle of the night. They find her, and, while she at first still wants to run away to go find her friends instantly, she later decides that it might be safer to come along with Kwebso, since patrols can be really dangerous to outsiders.

The next day, Rufus is holding the meeting with Swift, Jade and Silkey, where they decide on what to do with One-eye. Rufus and Swift consider letting One-eye go, but Silkey and Jade insist on hunting him down and killing him. Rufus knows that the Clan seems to want the latter, and that it might be the safest thing to do, so, reluctantly, he allows Silkey to organize a patrol of the strongest fighters to go after One-eye and kill him.

After this, Kwebso, who now wakes up because of the commotion caused by Silkey assembling the fighters, realizes that he's alone in the cave, and that Onyx isn't anywhere to be seen.

She fled while no one was watching, but didn't get far before she was stopped by a patrol led by Walter, who doesn't seem friendly in the slightest.

Meanwhile, One-eye and Lynn are still at the creek, waiting for Abbie to return with more food. The she-cat does eventually return, but with the Cattledogs behind her, and no food. This causes great suspicions in One-eye and confusion in Lynn. Abbie explains her reasons for bringing the dogs here, but, when One-eye starts teasing Shiba with her deceased parents again, she doesn't take it anymore and returns to her Andeo form, with her Dark Guardian behind her, attacking One-eye.

Goofs Edit

  • While Onyx's eye colour has been changed to blue in this episode, they're still green in the shot where Five tries to attack her.
  • In one shot, Five's and Ash's eyes aren't chroma-keyed properly, resulting in them being partially invisible.
  • Silkey's eyebrow markings vanish in one shot.
  • One of Ash's lines is partially cut off.
  • When Frosty looks up, one of his legs turns orange for a split second.
  • When Lynn runs in the water, there are no splashes at her feet.
  • When shouting at Strike, One-eyes scars turn from a normal, fleshy colour to their old, pink colour for one frame.

Trivia Edit

  • An earlier title of this episode was "Hunchbacks, Mutts and Broken Childhoods".
  • This episode includes many subtle character designs. Mainly on the dogs the eyes are now either brown or blue, because the creator realized that real dogs don't have this eye colour and wanting to make it easier to distinguish wolves and wolfdogs from dogs. Other changes include Five now having silver leg marking and Kwebso having brown eartips.
  • The first episode to make use of color correction.