Altough most lines and speeches in ALO make sense, the animals do have a few terms of their own they like to use to communicate. There are also unexplained terms that might need some explanation. So here we have our very own All Lone Ones mini-dictionary.

Terms Edit

  • Alaktalan: Pale gray wolf with green eyes and several deformities. He was one of the two first wolves to be made by the Creator. Whereas his brother, however, lived gracefully and lovingly, Alaktalan was cold, crazy and followed the dark path. Read more.
  • Andeo: Animal that has the ability to sprout wings. Andeos are rare creatures, always mammals that can grow wings out of thin air. These often just appear as reflex, however, like on emotional or shocking moments. Read more.
  • Animalese: Language spoken by most animals. Translated to English in the series for the viewer's convenience.
  • Beyond Paradise: Forsaken lands where all wolves that were exiled from Paradise Valley went, according to the legend. It is a big desert with little food, little trees and little company.
  • Capra: Impolite word to describe someone one doesn't like.
  • Dark Guardian: Big, lizard-like creatures that live in ones shadow and have the ability to appear on emotional moments, like Andeo wings. Read more.
  • Frick: Ancient word that means something along the lines of "broken individual". It is, however, not traditionally used to describe mentally or physically disabled wolves, though in modern times many wolves use it this way. The real meaning, and how it should be used, is to show someone who willingly and continuously follows a path of hatred and darkness.
  • Guardian Carrier: Individual who has a Dark Guardian and thus the ability to make it appear. Read more.
  • Humanspeak: In ALO, since it takes place in Austria, German/Austrian. However, in different lands of the ALO world, Humanspeak can also be any other language. Animals do have the ability to learn a few words of Humanspeak.
  • Lone One: Wolf who lives in a very small, loosely organized family of wolves, called Lone Ones. What mainly distinguishes a Lone One from other wolves is that they hunt mostly smallprey, are very short-tempered and aggressive towards outsiders and the fact that they are always pretty thin. Read more.
  • Lone Lone One: Lone One who lives on their own. They often claim the smallest patches of territory and live all by themselves, and will rarely accociate with other wolves, until they maybe find a partner.
  • Loner: While often confused for a lone Lone One, a loner is actually a Pack Wolf without pack. They are often cast out, on a journey to start a new pack or just exploring. They have the temper and appearance of a Pack Wolf and have a tendency to hunt bigger game than just rabbits and hares.
  • Mazah: Ceremony that takes place at the night after a litter's birth, where a pup will be examined and accepted by the Creator, Shinwa, in a way similar to baptism. All pups are supposed to get accepted, but, sadly enough, some wolves are reluctant or even flat out deny mentally or physically disabled pups this important ceremony because they often cannot hunt and are therefore not beneficial. This is however not how it should be done at all, and is often caused by a wolfs instinct and at times discriminating nature rather than their sensibility.
  • Kegyelem: Dark brown dire wolf with yellow eyes and pale grey ears. He became the compassionate and peaceful king that brought peace and grace to all wolves. Brother of the vengeful Alaktalan.
  • Pack Wolves: Wolves who live in a strictly organized pack, rather than a small group of Lone Ones. They are often more tolerant towards strangers or trespassers and in general just more reasonable. They often hunt big game because they are with many and well-organized enough. Read more.
  • Pang: Animalese term used for gun, both for tranquilizers (which are often referred to as Silent pangs) and real guns.
  • To get panged: To be shot by a human gun. Again, also goes for tranquilizers.
  • Paradise Valley: Valley the first wolves lived in.
  • Running with the stars: Other word for deceased. Term often used to talk about death without scaring pups.
  • Shinwa: Name given by the wolves to the Creator. Read more.
  • Shinwa's Beams: The place where a wolf goes to after having lived life the way Shinwa wants to.
  • Shinwa's Dungeons: Dark and moist maze deep under the ground where real "Fricks" go. They will be forever lost in the maze.
  • Silent Pang: Word sometimes used to refer to a tranquilizer by wild animals.