Age 4 years (Renegades)
Gender Female
Group/pack Ferals
Species Austrian Pincher
Status Alive

Jaire is a brown-and-white Austrian pincher with brown eyes and an underbite.

Personality Edit

Jaire is rather shy and calm. She doesn't often take initiative in social situations and is rather quiet. She might get scared by strangers even. Still, she tends to really get attached to someone once she opens up.

Appearances Edit

Untitled (Renegades ep 3)

Jaire is first seen when Kwebso wakes up amongst the Ferals. She tells Nick that Kwebso smells like the Clan. Later, she is introduced to Kwebso by Big. She approaches these two dogs, but backs off when Kwebso tries to hold a conversation with her. Big remarks that he thinks Kwebso scared her.

Encounter (Renegades ep 3)

Jaire is part of the patrol. She later is alone with Kwebso, guarding him at the rendezvous. Kwebso tells her how her more quiet demeanor reminds him of his brother, and they talk about Richard, the Clan and the Ferals' backstories for a while, until Nick interrupts, asking if Jaire is okay with Kwebso staying a while longer, to which Jaire nods. She is later shown to look shocked when Nick and Kwebso drag a wounded Starlight to the rendezvous.

Family members Edit

Actor Edit

Current Edit

  • Cylithren

Jaire's old "Tricia" design

Trivia Edit

  • Jaire was originally a mutt called Tricia, based on a very old character of Lynn's. She was later changed to a less busy design and given her new name.
  • Jaire was originally going to be a love interest for Kwebso.