Jewel Hinkle
Age 3.5 years (All Lone Ones)

5.5 years (Renegades)

Gender Female
Group/pack Rou's Clan
Species Eurasian wolf
Status Alive

Jewel is a gray female wolf with a brown, muzzle, chest, belly and under tail and a brown underside of her front paws. She has dark hair, a black nose, amber eyes and dark gray dots above her eyes and dark gray eartips. She had one notched ear and one tooth that always pokes out, even when her mouth is closed. Her muzzle is notoriously short.

Personality Edit

Jewel grew up in the shadow of her more successful and (by an hour or so) older brother Rou. She never really knew what she wanted in life, but, after Laika started showing signs of a declining health and even a little bit of dementia, Jewel decided to jump in as her mother's caretaker, with Rou being gone most of the time to the Main Base. Jewel is caring, has a soft heart and is easily hurt. She's careful with picking friends and not very friendly at the first sight.

Appearances Edit

Outcast (ep 11)

When Rou returns to the Main Base, Jewel and Laika are there to welcome him back. They express how worried they were about him. Jewel asks Rou what One-eye was like, but Taima answers for him. When she describes him, Laika suddenly seems to be really out of it. Jewel expresses her concern for her elderly mother. Laika then reveals that One-eye is in fact Jewel's and Rou's uncle.

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  • Theejolene