Johanna Regano
Age 4 years (Renegades)
Gender Female
Group/pack None- Cattledog
Species Dog mix
Status Alive

Johanna is a white dog with a grey marking behind her left eyebrow ridge. She has big ears, the tips of which flop over, blue eyes, and wears a blue collar. Her tail is very short.

Appearances Edit

Recreancy (Renegades ep 2)

The episode starts off with Johanna roaming the forest in Clan territory. The gets spotted pretty soon by Kwebso, who attacks and pins her, asking her why she's in Clan territory. Richard nonverbally communicates that his brother is being too hard on the dog, and he lets her go. Later in the episode, Kwebso finds Richard and Johanna together, and questions why they're together. He comes to the conclusion himself that Richard came here to visit her, and Johanna points out that they're mates. Richard explains that he met Johanna a while back in Clan territory, and first attacked her for trespassing. They then made amends and fell in love soon after, meeting several times after that first encounter. Johanna is present during the discussion between Kwebso and Richard. The latter points out that he hoped to fake his own death by lying about the sickness so he could run off and live with Johanna on her farm. He makes it clear he's leaving with Johanna. When seeing how upset Kwebso becomes at the thought of losing his brother, Johanna reluctantly offers that maybe Kwebso can come along, too. But he refuses and stays loyal to the Clan. After the discussion continues, Richard finally decides to leave with Johanna. He nods his farewells to his brother, and then leaves with his mate.

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  • xXMetraXx

Trivia Edit

  • Johanna doesn't stay on-model throughout the episode. She is much more Shiba-like in proportions at the start of the episode, but appears much taller, and with a smaller head and longer limbs at the end of the episode. Her ears also go from being average sized and half-floppy to being huge, with only the tips falling over.
  • Johanna is bisexual.
  • Johanna is named after the song Johanna (reprise) from Sweeney Todd.