Kimi Altez
Age 1.6 years
Gender Female
Group/pack Rufus' Clan
Species Maine Coon/Siamese cat mix
Status Alive

Kimi is a young, white cat with grey ears, a grey face, grey frontpaws and a grey, fluffy tail. She wears a red rope around her neck, has green eyes and misses one ear. 


Assassin's Cried (ep 3)

Kimi is seen sitting alonside Django, guarding One-eye 's cell. After he escapes, she is the only one to panic. Django tells her that Silkey already had foreseen One-eye's escape and is sending some warriors after him.



  • Spiritsno1fan

Trivia Edit

  • Kimi originally was a cat in Lynn's earlier novel New Life.

    Kimi's original design in New Life. She barely changed at all.

  • Kimi is named after 'Kimi' from Angelicate Avenue.

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