Kwebso Regano
Age 2.5 years (All Lone Ones)

4.5 years (Renegades)

Gender Male
Group/pack Rufus' Clan (formerly: pet dog/loner)
Species Shikaru Dog
Status Alive

 Kwebso is a pale brown dog with a white belly, chest, tailtip, blaze and fur tuft. He has white hind legs. His ears have dark brown tips and are sand colored. His left ear is always dropped. He has brown eyes and white eyebrows.

Personality Edit

Kwebso is a very compassionate and nice dog. He will usually be gentle, but does have a tendency to be short and mean to those he doesn't like. He is easily worried and often doubts himself.

Appearances Edit

Clashing Fangs (ep 5)

Kwebso is seen patrolling with Rassa , Richard and Five while Onyx tries to infiltrate. He keeps scolding Five for delaying them.

The Calm after the Storm (ep 6)

Kwebso is interrogating Onyx about why she's on their territory. When she reveals that her friends went after the Deformed Demon, he is shown to be rather compassionate, and he tries to do what he can to help her. When Five is being a jerk again, Kwebso gives him a black eye, and later even sits on his face to make him stop talking.


Kwebso alongside Rassa.

This is our Home (ep 7)

Kwebso tries to comfort Onyx on their way to the Clan, but doesn't succeed. When they arrive, he leads her to a heap of prey and eats a bunny himself. When asked about his past, Kwebso reveals that he and Richard used to be pet dogs that lived with an elderly lady, and that, after her death, they were forced to live in the wild, and that their only way of survival was by joining the Clan. He tells Onyx that this is his home, and asks her if she conciders joining, which she doesn't.

Rufus' Clan (ep 8)

Kwebso is seen comforting Onyx, who seems sad that she'll never get to talk to Silkey. He later leaves because Rufus wishes to speak to him. When he returns, he knows that Onyx's friends are still alive and tells her that. She leaves when she hears this, despite him pleading her not to because of the dangers there are.

Journey to Downfall (ep 9)


Kwebso when finding out Onyx vanished, again.

Kwebso and some others are looking for Onyx in the first scene, without avail. In the end, Five causes some commotion which leads Kwebso to the Cattledog. She thinks that she has to get back to her friends instantly, and that she'll be fine, but Kwebso warns her that some of the patrols can really be vicious. He manages to convince Onyx to stay with the Clan for the night until next day, where he can convince Rufus to let her go peacefully. The next morning when he wakes up, though, Onyx is gone again.

Exclamation Point (ep 10)

After Onyx gets pinned to the ground by Walter, who's considering hurting her, Kwebso runs into the patrol, panting. He manages to convince the patrol to go back, and tells Onyx that he got permission from Rufus to escort her to their borders safely, without patrols bordering them. The other dog agrees to this and Kwebso leads the way.

Commonplace (Renegades ep 1)

Kwebso and his brother first appeared as pups, playing, and later, after their owner died, wondering if she'd ever get up. Kwebso then finally makes the decision for him and Richard that they have to move on, and get out of the house. They manage to, and they bury their owner, swearing to never have another owner as a sign of their eternal loyalty to their late owner. The duo then heads into the wild and try to adjust, but, even after some time passes, neither are very good. Only Richard seems to bring in some catches. A few months go by, and it is winter. Kwebso and Richard now look emaciated. They are stalking a grouse, but, before they can catch it, a wolfdog comes and steals the grouse away. Kwebso is angry at him just stealing prey out of their territory, so he and his brother follow the wolfdog, even beyond their own territory. They are then caught by the wolfdog and another dog, who asks if they want to join Rufus' Clan. Two years after the final showdown between Silkey and One-eye, Kwebso is now patrolling with his brother and some others. Starlight attempts to catch a rabbit, but fails to. Kwebso tries to cheer her up after her failure, but it doesn't really work. He also remarks that, normally, Richard would've sensed the rabbit earlier. His brother just ignores him. They return back to the Main Base, where Kwebso once more remarks Richard acting odd lately. He pushes the matter, until Richard finally gives in and makes it known that he has a sickness. Kwebso is shocked at this, and asks Richard a lot of questions, but Richard just seems to ignore him. Later, at night, Kwebso wakes Richard up to ask if he thinks the disease is fatal. Richard says that, earlier or later, he will be gone. This brings Kwebso to tears, but Richard once more ignores his pleas for Richard to get the disease looked at, and the two go back to sleep again, Kwebso blinking away his tears.

Family MembersEdit



  • Josheir (adult)
  • Icerift Fyera (teen)
  • The Dark Unicorn Of Awesomeness (young)


  • Lynnzl
  • Sean Crastien
  • 429Lightning
  • Icerift Fyera
  • The Dark Unicorn Of Awesomeness

Kwebso in his earlier design, where he wore a cap and had eye patches.


  • Kwebso is based of an OC Lynn created back in 2008. His design barely changed. The only changes that where made is that his baseball cap got removed, so did his eye patches.
  • Kwebso had green eyes and more prominent gray ear tips when he got introduced into the series, but these were both later changed to brown. He also acquired pale eyebrows later on in Renegades.

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