Lady Canisse
Age 5 years (All Lone Ones)

7 years at death (Renegades)

Gender Female
Group/pack Rufus' Clan (formerly: pet dog)
Species Labrador mix
Status Deceased

Lady is the mate of Selang, making her the Second District leader's mate.

Personality Edit

Much like her daughter Starlight, Lady had a tendency to usually be happy and often careless. This nature often enlightened her more sombre and serious mate Selang.

Family members Edit


  • Lady possibly has some husky in her genes, since she has blue eyes, which labrador's don't have.
  • Lady originally was a she wolf with a design resembling Starlight's conceptual design, but it was later changed to a labrador to prevent confusion between the two characters.
  • Lady is named after the Dire Wolf 'Lady' from A Song Of Ice And Fre..