Lady Canisse
Age 5 years old
Gender Female
Group/pack Rufus' Clan (formerly: pet dog)
Species Labrador mix
Status Alive

Lady is the mate of Selang, making her the Second District leader's mate.

Personality Edit

Much like her daughter Starlight, Lady has a tendency to usually be happy and often careless. This nature often enlightens her more sombre and serious mate Selang.

But she can also be twice as dangerous as him when she's mad. So beware with upsetting her, you might not get away unharmed...

Family members Edit


  • Lady possibly has some husky in her genes, since she has blue eyes, which labrador's don't have.
  • Lady originally was a she wolf with a design resembling Starlight's conceptuals design, but it was later changed to a labrador to prevent confusion between the two characters.
  • Lady is named after the Dire Wolf 'Lady' from A song of ice and fire..

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