Lone OneEdit

Lone One is animalspeak in ALO for loner, lone wolf, etc. Lone Ones are known for living in very small family groups. The max of a group of Lone Ones is 5, after that, it is a pack. If, however, it has 5 adult wolves and more youngsters, it still counts as a Lone One group. When a wolf is two years old, it is adult, and then it is a pack. This, however, hardly happens, since most Lone One groups will be really small, and youngsters often get chased away before they reach full adulthood. Lone Ones are very rebellious, sometimes even very agressive, and proud. They don't like interacting with other animals but their group. Lone Ones are usually wolves born in a family of a Lone One. 

If the Lone Ones group has 5 members already and they get pups, who survive, they'll raise the pups, but when these pups are grown up they will be forced to leave the group, to create new groups or live alone. In very small lone one groups, with 2 members for example, the pups will be kept in the group, unless they leave because they want to do it themselves. 

Lone Ones claim very small places on the mountains as "territory". They don't have real a leader in their group, although there usually is an older member that sometimes takes the lead. 

Lone Ones live in most cases in groups existing out of a male, his mate, and their pups. Sadly enough, 90% of the Lone One pups don't survive their first winter. When they are lacking of food, it is very hard to keep them alive. Sometimes Lone Ones even go near Humanplaces to steal some food there. In most cases, Lone Ones eat small prey like hares, rabbits, walking birds, and sometimes even flying birds. With some luck, when they live in bigger groups, they can even take down a roe deer, but that rarely happens. Because they live of such less food, they are usually not very big or strong and they suffer from underweight a lot. Still, they got used to it, so it is their way of living.

Examples: ReikaNorder are Lone Ones who live in groups

Lone Lone OnesEdit

Lone Lone Ones, also called LLO's, are Lone Ones who live alone, and thus not in a group. These are mostly pups who left their parents, seeking for a mate to start a new group, or an exiled Lone One. 

Most of the times LLO's are on their way to seek for someone to mate with, to start a new group. There are, however, LLO's who prefer to stay alone. They seek for a very small territory with lots of easy to catch prey. Exiled Lone Ones will usually not seek for a mate, but rather for a group to join. Lone One groups will rarely accept strangers in their group, so banished wolves are in general LLO's who live alone.

Lone Lone Ones are in a very small minority compared to usual Lone Ones. Most of them find a mate in short time, and if not so, a lot of them starve in the winter, because all rabbits and squirrels hibernate then, and their only source of prey is bird, then. 

Examples: One-eye, because Lynn doesn't count as a group since she isn't grown up yet.


More often than not, Lone Ones get mistaken for loners. Loners, however, are Pack Wolves that left their pack and did not choose to become a Lone One.

Loners that choose the Lone One life will usually seek a mate that's already a Lone One and live their way, which eventually makes the loner classify as a Lone One, while Pack Wolves that live on their own but don't act like Lone Ones, are loners. These are mostly youngsters who have the desire to start a Pack, and therefore also look up a Pack Wolf mate. 

There are, of course, exceptions, but this is almost always the case.

Relationships with Pack wolvesEdit

Lone Ones don't get along with packs and pick territories far away from pack lands, but close to Lone One territories. If they encounter some pack wolves, they will usually be agressive and accusing the wolves of infiltrating on their territory. They will fight the pack wolves rather quickly, instead of trying to talk it out. 

Relationships with Rufus' clanEdit

Lone Ones are the only ones who are in the way of the expansion of Rufus' territory. The packs join them and their territory gets added to Rufus' empire. Lone Ones, however, believing in their solidarity, and living the way they have lived before, will not join Rufus. 

This is the reason why Rufus' clan has been pupnapping Lone One pups. They train these pups to become assassins, like One-eye. The pups don't run away because they always get threatened that if they dare to escape, their family would be wiped out. The real thing, however, is that those families get killed not too long after the pups became assassins. Since Rufus' doesn't want to risk losing the animals of his empire, the Lone Ones are sent kill the Lone One groups that are not theirs. In Rufus' clan Lone One assassins are treated horribly. They always get beaten up and bullied, especially the deformed or horribly scarred ones. Lone One assassins are usually missing one facial feature, like a nose, ear or eye, this is for the clan, so that they can recognize the assassins, and to embers the Lone Ones for being what they are. 

The only known Lone One to join Rufus' clan, back in the day Saedin 's clan, at free will, is Divine . She was granted a higher ranking in the pack for this, and isn't treated as bad as Lone One assassins. 

Relationships with other Lone Ones Edit

Usually, Lone Ones, both lone Lone Ones and the groups, will be very vicious towards others. They often get in fights over even the smallest of incidents, mostly prey or borders. Since Lone Ones have smaller territories and can hunt less prey than Packs, they'll be more defensive over it.

The only groups Lone Ones might be friendly to are groups that maybe have some form of bond with them, mostly through family. Because of their aggressive behavior, they have very little friends that aren't related to them. Still, even to wolves that are related to them, Lone Ones often still won't be the friendliest, since they are still concurrents.

To trespassing lone Lone Ones or loners, even if it's just youngsters seeking for a new territory (which is mostly the case) beyond the one that they are "invading", other Lone Ones will usually be aggressive, which is why loners and LLO's prefer to travel through Pack territory, since these are more careless when it comes to this.