Lynn Estevez-Wolverson
Age 0-2.2 years (All Lone Ones)

Deceased (Renegades)

Gender Female
Group/pack None- Lone One
Species Red/Eurasian wolf mix
Status Deceased

Lynn is a remarkably small brown wolf with a light brown underbelly, muzzle, chest, under tail and light brown hind legs, thorn ears, one of which is missing, reddish brown eyes and ears, a short tail, and several scars scattered across her body, one of which is her right missing eye.

Personality Edit

As a pup, Lynn was really stubborn and loved to go against her fathers rules. She was also a bit over-enthusiastic.

As a teenager, however, Lynn is a lot more timid than back when she was a pup. Her fathers death affected her emotionally, and thus she grew incredibly close to One-eye who became her new father, even tough he didn't like her at first. She does seem to follow his rules often, although she might still disobey once in a while. She also became a bit shy, but still can be very enthusiastic if she gets comfortable.


An Assassin with a Heart (ep 1)

Lynn appeared for the first time in ep 1, being just a little cub. She really wants to go hunting into the forest but her father forbades that. Being perky, Lynn still goes. She get's attacked by Chainsaw and, after gaining the first few tears out of her ears, she searches for her father. Then, she finds Norder back, dead, killed by One-eye . One-eye seems to be the only wolf around, and, not knowing he killed her father, Lynn goes with him and becomes his adopted daughter.

The Call of Kitty (ep 2)

Lynn on the top of the mountain

Lynn is first seen "hunting" One-eye. After One-eye's rage, when he goes out hunting, Lynn stays in the den. After a few minutes she suddenly get's run over by a happy kitty, named Abbie , who becomes Lynn's first real friend. When Abbie finds out Lynn has never been out of the den before, she shows Lynn the entire mountain, although Lynn first has her doubts. In the evening, when One-eye still isn't back, Lynn's guardian comes out, and she sits alone on a hill depressedly, until Abbie approaches her and offers her to try to find One-eye, together.

Assassin's cried (ep 3)

Lynn made a brief appearence, together with Abbie, in this episode. When the morning is coming and One-eye just woke up from his nightmare, Lynn starts to scream, hoping for him to respond. Abbie asks her to stop it, since she's trying to sleep, but Lynn ignores her and screams for One-eye again.

Between Heaven and Hell (ep 4)

When Abbie wakes up, she notices that Lynn didn't sleep all night. The poor wolf is tired as hell and her mane are all messed up *or more than usually*. Lynn tells her friend that she didn't sleep at all because she missed her dad so much and didn't eat for a while. Abbie tells Lynn not to eat her. After a while the conversation gets One-eye as subject, and Lynn reveals that One-eye has been quite a harsh parent to her. He didn't allow her to go out of the den or hunt or train to fight, and most of the times screamed a lot at her. Abbie responds by asking Lynn why she just doesn't run away from old One-eye and searches for another group of Lone Ones . Lynn immediatly tells Abbie that she would never leave her beloved father, no matter what he did, and that he also has his soft, depressed moments. A bit later into the episode Lynn gets One-eyes scent, and follows it. She sees him and reunites with him. After hugging him for a bit Abbie joins them. When her father becomes agressive at the cat, Lynn tells him that it's okay and that Abbie is her friend. One-eye starts to scream at her for going out of the den and talking with strangers, but when he sees how it breaks her, he stops his rage and becomes soft again. 

Clashing Fangs (ep 5)

Lynn is seen sitting on the meadow next to One-eye. She is upset because he didn't return, and explains how much he means to her. One-eye tells her that's it alright. They later flee to the forest to stay dry from the rain. One-eye explains to her and Abbie how he got wolfnapped and they share some emotional moments, until the dogs come and attack. One-eye defends Lynn, and she flees to the den with Abbie. On their way Lynn hides her cyborgeye from the rain in a bush, and then goes back to help One-eye with the fight. 

The Calm after the Storm (ep 6)

After Lynn pushed away Shiba from One-eye, a lightningstrike reveals that they are both Guardian Carriers. Their DG's come out and fight, while Shiba and Lynn also fight. One-eye tells her to flee, but Lynn doesn't listen. Later, when Strike is attacking Abbie, Lynn yells at the dog and presumably frees Abbie, even tough this isn't shown. When all dogs are chased off, she and One-eye share some words, asking if they are okay. She also asks Abbie if she's okay. They decide to go to the creek, where they might be safe. At the creek, Lynn and One-eye start playing, until One-ege hurts his leg. She is bitter about her adopted father having a hurt leg, and thinks that it isn't fair. One-eye calms her down and says that, even if his leg hadn't been wounded, he would've been too tired to do anything anyways.   

This is our Home (ep 7)

Lynn appears with One-eye at the brook. She just woke up and both she and her dad eat th

e rabbit Abbie brought. After the she-cat leaves, she talks for a bit with One-eye, and he shows her some stalking moves, like she desires.  

Rufus' Clan (ep 8)

Lynn appeared in the very last scene. First, she makes several appearances in One-eyes dream. When he wakes up from his nightmare, he sees her staring at her, and both are startled. Then, they engage in a heartfelt conversation. One-eye asks Lynn why she went with him last year, despite his gross looks. Lynn responds to this by saying she simply doesn't care what he looks like. Several times, One-eye is about to tell Lynn about what he did to her father, but Lynn interrupts him, forcing him to leave the past in the past because she sees that it pains him to talk about it.  

Journey To Downfall (ep 9)

Now the next day, One-eye and Lynn are still at the creek, waiting for Abbie to return with more food. The she-cat does eventually return, but with the Cattledogs behind her, and no food. This causes great su


Lynn playing in the creek

spicions in One-eye and confusion in Lynn. Abbie explains her reasons for bringing the dogs here, but, when One-eye starts teasing Shiba with her deceased parents again, she doesn't take it anymore and returns to her Andeo form, with her Dark Guardian behind her, attacking One-eye. Lynn watches in horror as this happens.

Exclamation Point (ep 10)

Lynn tries to go after One-eye to save him from Shiba, but Abbie stops her. In the end, Lynn manages to free herself and interferes with the fight, which results into Shiba's Dark Guardian killing Lynn's. Shiba goes back to trying to kill One-eye after Lynn is in terrible pain because of this. One-eye dodges her attack, causing Shiba to crash into the rocks, killing her. Lynn is witness of this, together with her friend Abbie. One-eye tries to convince Lynn of his innocence, but she already believes him, before she faint in pain. Later, they return to the den, only to find Silkey and her patrol standing there.

Outcast (ep 11)

Lynn is present during Silkey's and One-eyes both verbal and physical showdown. She later gets attacked and her left ear ripped off. One-eye defends her, though, and later comforts her after Abbie dies. After Abbie's burial that evening, Lynn accepts that their friendship was never meant to be, and she and One-eye leave the past behind forever, leaving in search of a new territory.


Lynn is hunting together with Sam. Sam catches the bird, which result into Lynn lamenting the fact that she's such a bad hunter. They bring back the grouse to One-eye, who compliments Sam and Lynn. Together, the two of them go back to hunting, viewed by Silkey.

ALO Short Stories #1: A New Life

Lynn is one of the main characters in this story. She and One-eye are seeking for a new place to live after Norder's death, and she's both really sad because of her loss, but also really afraid of One-eye. He drags her to a human home, and almost gets her and himself killed in one of his insane episodes, but in the end rescues her from the humans. Lynn does seem to pity him for a bit, and she does stay with him. She and One-eye go to a new forest and try to build a new life for their own over there.

ALO Short Stories #3: There And Back Again

The story takes place a half year after episode 1. It starts by showing the day-to-day routine both Lynn and One-eye have, that being she staying in the den all day long, and him constantly patrolling and hunting. Their relationship is a bit strange: One-eye hates her but feels that it is his responsibility to take care of her, while Lynn does seem to think he can change into a nice daddy, and she does love him.Not long after that, a few hounds appear. One-eye fights fiercely to defend Lynn, but does end up tearing both his ears, losing one tooth, and crooking another in the process. He also hits his head against a rock, causing him to faint.Lynn, unconscious, too, who had lost her right eye due to one of the hunting dogs, gets taken with the poachers, is given her collar and cyborgeye, and locked in a cage.


Lynn in the third Short Story titlecard

Lynn wakes up and is confused as to everything what happened, but a fox in the cage above her suffering the same fate. The vixen, Leyta explains her what happened to her, and that Lynn is likely going to be sold on the black market since she's part red wolf, and red wolves are considered to be pretty rare.

It is a while later, and Leyta gets taken out of her cage, to never be seen again. Lynn feels really lonesome, thinking that either One-eye is dead or that he won't come to collect her, but, in the end, he does come, grumpy and somewhat distant and sad. He takes her out of the human den, just as the poachers and some dogs arrive back home. There is a snowstorm hindering the humans from shooting them, but the dogs chase the wolves.Lynn escapes into the woods, but One-eye vanishes halfway through. He later reappears to help Lynn, who almost got bitten by a dog. He does have a bullet wound in his leg, though, but manages to fight off the dog.Having taken out the bullet, the two wolves later return to their den, both silent. Their relationship is still a bit questionable, since One-eye, despite saving Lynn, still seems to have his attitude towards her, but he also does seem somewhat different. They return to the den.

Family membersEdit

Adoped father: One-eye (alive)

Mother:  Shayba (alive)

Father: Norder (deceased)

Brothers: Steve (alive), Mike (alive)

Sister: Joney (deceased)



  • Lynnzl


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  • Lynn's design is a bit based of Nava's and Aleu's from Balto 2 , and White Fang from the movie with the same title (Goodtimes Entertainment version).
  • Lynn's more-or-less "predecessor" was a male wolf named Bingo with red hair. They shared some markings and personality traits.
  • It's unknown whether Lynn actually can howl. She stated in episode two that "she doesn't howl very much."
  • Lynn is one of the only characters to have two light reflections in her eyes.

Lynn's very old "Bingo" design

  • Lynn's second name is Gertrude, which came from a "piratefy your name" test that Lynnzl took.
  • Lynn's full name is Lynn Gertrude Estervez-Wolverson, the Estevez referring to her fathers surname, Wolverson after One-eye's surname.
  • Lynn's name means "Lake" or "Where water falls" in Old Welsh. Her mother named her this because she was born near a small rock where a small stream was dripping off. 
  • Lynn is an aromantic asexual. 
  • Lynn has been revealed to die earlier than One-eye after the series. 
  • In an earlier draft of the story, Lynn was going to die at the end of the series. Nowadays, she does still die, but at least not at the end of ALO.