Marra Cuvatsh
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Group/pack None- pet dog
Species Akita Inu/German Shepherd mix
Status Alive

Marra pale brown Akita-Shepherd mix with green eyes, darker spots on her ears, muzzle and legs and bron stripes on her ears, back and behind her eyes. Her tail is dark brown as well.


Between Heaven and Hell (ep 4)

Marra appeared alongside Sigur and Grey when Sigur was being attacked by One-eye .


  • Lynn didn't know what to call Marra for sure after that, but after re-watching Tribblofdooms genious Cow of the Wild, she decided that this character looked a lot like the wolf Marra in this series. After a while it just became a habit of calling her Marra, so this became a her final name.

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