Nick Feral
Age 5 years (Renegades)
Gender Male
Group/pack Ferals
Species Boxer mix
Status Alive

Nick is a brown boxer mix with dark ears, a dark muzzle and brown eyes. He has a white marking under his chin.

Personality Edit

Though he is rather kind and welcoming to most strangers, Nick can be quite ferocious towards those he hates, that mostly being Clanmembers. He is a firm believer in revenge and is rather prideful, even going as far as to put others in dangers for his own pride.

Appearances Edit

Untitled (Renegades ep 3)

Nick first appears when Kwebso wakes up among the Ferals. He says that Kwebso must have a lot of questions, and tries to calm down Kwebso. He then introduces himself and his group. When Jaire tells him that Kwebso smells like the Clan, this pushes Nick's berserk button and he pins Kwebso. However, Big prevents him from doing anything really harmful to the small dog. Nick decides that Kwebso will stay with the Ferals as their prisoner. Later, the leader of the Ferals is introduced to Kwebso again by Big, who also mentions that he and Nick used to have a brother, Alan.

Family members Edit

  • Brothers: Big (alive), Alan (deceased)

Actor Edit

Current Edit

  • Devon Black