Norder Estevez
Age 3.5 years at death
Gender Male
Group/pack None- Lone One
Species Red wolf
Status Deceased

Norder is thin, long-legged red wolf with big ears. He has a brown coat, with darker brown on his head and back, and dark red ear tips. His eyes are bright green. 


An assassin with a heart (ep 1)

Norder is the very first character showed in ep 1. He first tells Lynn to stay in the den because it might be dangerous outside and she is to young to go. Then he goes hunting. During his hunt he fails to catch a rabbit and then notices a stranger wolf on his territory. He first warns One-eye to go off his territory. When One-eye neglects his warning he goes to fighting position. Norder notices One-eyes fake eye and paw, and states he is not afraid of "fake claws". They both clash and after a bloody fight, Norder barely manages to wound One-eye. Then, he dies, because he has lost too much blood. The last thing he asks One-eye for is to leave his daughter.

The Call of Kitty (ep 2)

Norder is not seen in this episode, but mentioned by Lynn a several times, reffering to him as "her real father."

ALO Short Stories #1: A New Life

He got mentioned several times. One-eye seems to regret killing him, and Lynn remembers him a lot.

Family MembersEdit



  • Alphawolfkodi


  • Norders design was altered throughout episode 1 because his first design didn't really make sense genetically.
  • Norder is inspired by Kodi from Balto and the fursona from Alphawolfkodi
  • Norder is voiced by Alphawolfkodi himself.

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