Norder's territory is a territory that used to belong to Norder and Lynn. After Norder got killed and Lynn left with One-eye, Rufus' Clan came and added the territory to theirs.

Known partsEdit

  • The Den: Small open spot in the middle of the forest, surrounded by many trees and bushes. It's big enough for four adult wolves to sleep on it. It's very well-hidden because of the big amount of ferns that grows around it.
    Norder den
  • The Rabbitplace: Part of the forest with an unusual amount of rabbit holes. Many rabbits live here. There is one big open place nearby them, this is where Norder died.
  • The Smallfall: Tiny waterfall that falls of a small rockcliff on the edge of the territory. This is where Lynn and her siblings where born. Lynn is also named after it, because her name means "where water falls".

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