One-eye Wolverson
Age 11-13 years (All Lone Ones)

Deceased (Renegades)

Gender Male (castrated)
Group/pack None- Lone One (formerly: Rufus' Clan)
Species Eurasian wolf
Status Deceased

One-eye is a battered old grey wolf with thorn ears, many scars on his face and neck, missing eye and a crooked fang. He has one misshapen front leg, making his paw look shaped like a mitt. His most prominent feature is his humpback. He is one of the protagonists of All Lone Ones.  


As a pup, One-eye (back then Daniel), was a very nice and caring wolf, although he did like violent games a lot. His mom gave him all the love he needed, yet his father was always a bit put off by his deformities. Daniel tried anything he could to prove to his dad that he was great, despite his hump, but Blaze simply didn't care.

After Daniel was taken away from his family and brought to the Clan, where he got bullied a lot for his deformities, he turned into a very shy and jumpy wolf.

As an elderly wolf nowadays, One-eye is very harsh and cold. His years in the Clan have made him into a monster, and One-eye ended up having a mean personality, with lots of moodswings.

However, after he found out about Lynn, and the fact that he broke his promise, he changed. He went back to his vulnurable, jumpy personality, combined with the mood swings. He really tries to be a good father to Lynn, and can be very nice and caring at times, but still has a hard time trying to be loving. 


An Assassin with a Heart (ep 1)

One-eye is seen for the very first time in episode one, killing Norder . Later, after cleaning his wounds, he finds Lynn, and decides to step down from his assassin jobs and raise her.


One-eye finding Lynn in the first episode.

The Call of Kitty (ep 2)

One-eye first is seen being angry at Lynn, for her "hunting" him. Then, he goes out hunting on prey, but fails, and becomes slightly depressed, knowing that he doesn't make a good parent for Lynn, because he always is so mad at her and barely can catch prey for her. He drinks some water in a pool, and when he sees his reflection, he remembers the past, what he once was, and that he killed Norder. When he is just about to cry, the hare he hunted earlier shows up and challenges him to hunt her. During this second hunt, he gets caught by Silkey and her henchmen. Silkey tries to force him to tell her why he left, but One-eye refuses. Silkey ends up locking him up in a cave, with a rope tied around his leg, and his cyborg eye ripped off. 

Assassin's Cried (ep 3)

One-eye is laying in the cave. He has nightmares about what will happen if someone finds Lynn. He tries to get to sleep again, and dreams about his past. When he was a puppy called Daniel back then, he grew up with his younger sister Laika . They are playing, but after his mother, Reika , tells him he is playing to rough, he decided to take Laika on a guided tour in their territory. After Laika dispersals, chasing a mouse, Daniel sees Arrow in his territory. Arrow tells him that he and Laika are coming with her. Daniel refuses, and Arrow scars him. After some more discussing young Daniel decided to come with Arrow, who will let his family live now. Daniel gains the new name One-eye, and after Arrow explained that it will be his job to kill the Lone Ones running in their way, he starts his training as assassin. He grows up and becomes more cold-blooded each day, believing that everything he does is for the greater good: his family. He is shown to grow up into a more and more ruthless killer. Later, he also dreams about how he killed Norder and found young Lynn, and that he never would kill Lone Ones with families. He wakes up, knowing what he did to Lynn: taking away her family. But, that also encourages him, together with Lynn hysterical screaming, to break the rope tied around his hind leg and get out and search for his beloved daughter.


One-eye making his heartfelt vow to Arrow

Between Heaven and Hell (ep 4)

One-eye is searching for Lynn. On his way he comes across a one-eyed dog with a cyborgeye . Since his old cyborgeye is broken, One-eye goes after the dog and rips off his eye. After looking for her for a while he reaches a familiar place; he's been there before with Lynn, just after he adopted her. He first doesn't want to go there, afraid of the memories, but then he get's Lynn's scent and follows it. Lynn notices his stench too and they re-unite, though not very easy. At first One-eye is all happy that he found her, but when Abbie joins them, he goes mad for seeing a cat. He tries to kill Abbie, but she manages to get away and back the old wolf off by meowing madly at him. When One-eye and Abbie are just about to fight again, Lynn tells her adopted father that Abbie is her friend and that she helped her a lot. One-eye first gets mad at Lynn, for talking to strangers and leaving the den without his permission, but when he notices how much he upsets Lynn, he apologizes, and doesn't attack the cat again. Later, he is seen in a flashback from Shiba , how he killed her parents before. This caused Shiba to dispose the grey wolf a lot. 

Clashing Fangs (ep 5)

One-eye continues to talk to Lynn on the meadow. He explains to her that he got delayed, and they have an emotional moment. When they see it is about to rain, they flee to the forest. There, One-eye explains what happened to him, while hiding the fact that he knew about the Clan at all. Then, the dogs attack. One-eye orders Lynn to go with Abbie, and head towards the den. Meanwhile, he takes care of the dogs, attacking them, but not killing one of them. In the end, the dogs win, because they are with more. One-eye almost gets crushed by Shiba, but Lynn manages to come in between the two canines just at the right moment. 

The Calm after the Storm (ep 6)

One-eye's scream in the first scene seems to disorient Silkey. Later, during the fighting scene, he's shown to be fighting angrily. He first makes Tora leave by giving her another ferocious bite on her shoulders. Strike is about to attack him, but he simply jumps over her, avoids the fighting Dark Guardians, and goes for Shiba, who is tormenting Lynn. He pins her to the ground, to which Shiba gets. She states that she won't lose, and that One-eye is a monster. This makes him angry, and he flings her across the forest. After that knocks out Shiba, One-eye joins Lynn and Abbie to scare away Strike, which he does. After the fight, he and Lynn ask each other how they are. One-eye is crippled because of a wounded leg, but besides that, he's alright. When they reach the safe brook, One-eye starts to play with Lynn in it for a bit, until his injured leg accidentally hits some stones. One-eye is cringing in pain, but then decides that now isn't the time for games. He is really tired form his hard time at Silkey's, and decides to advice Abbie a hunting spot, after which he goes to sleep. 

This is our Home (ep 7)

 One-eye appeared together with Lynn. He eats part of a rabbit and then, upon request from Lynn, shows her some training moves. However, he is still exhausted, and, when Lynn tries some stalking and clearly shows her shoulders while in her pose, One-eye becomes mildly upset, realizing that he'll never have normal shoulders and, when in that position, he'll just look like his hump is even bigger and more ridiculous than it already is. In the end, he goes back to sleep.  

Oney speaks

Mournfully telling Lynn of his depressing past

Rufus' Clan (ep 8)  

 Rufus argues over the news that One-eye is alive for quite some time with the Clan. One-eye himself appears later in the episode. He dreams about the day he killed Norder and how that broke his oath, and awakes swiftly. Lynn tries to comfort him, but fails for a bit. They have some heartfelt talk, and One-eye finally reveals to her, now that he trusts her, that he used to work for the Clan. Lynn takes the news well, and he almost tells her about what he did to her father, but Lynn interrupts him, telling him that he's mentally breaking himself by speaking of this, and he gives in, somewhat confused. He later appears again in Silkey's flashback, where it's revealed that the two of them once were friends.  

Journey To Downfall (ep 9)

  The old wolf is mentioned earlier by Rufus, Silkey and other Clanmembers in the gathering scenes, but One-eye makes his real appearance in this episode at the last scene. He and Lynn are still at the Creek, awaiting Abbie's return with even more food, only to have her return with the Cattledogs. One-eye is visibly upset and immediately accuses Abbie, who he thought was at least not that terrible, of treachery. Abbie tries to convince him to cooperate with her and just have a peaceful conversation with the dogs on what the Clan is and what they could want, but One-eye flat out refuses and, for a moment unaware that Lynn is around, starts taunting Shiba. This triggers the Cattledog, and she goes berserk, summoning her Dark Guardian and Andeo wings, and lunging for the old wolf.  

Exclamation Point (ep 10)

  One-eye desperately tries to get away from Shiba without hurting her, not wanting to display his dark side in front of Lynn, and genuinely having changed...a bit at least. Shiba at one points almost manages to kill him because One-eye still has his bad leg, but Lynn and her Dark Guardian stop her from doing so. When Shiba finds out a way to get back at One-eye, she lunges for him. One-eye instinctively evades her attack, but, when he does, Shiba hits the rocky ground he was standing on with her head and dies because of this. One-eye tries to convince the other Cattledogs, as well as Lynn and Abbie, who didn't see it clearly, that he didn't kill Shiba, but for the former it doesn't seem to work. Later on in the episode, One-eye, Abbie and Lynn are returning to the den. One-eye still tries to convince Abbie that he really didn't mean accidentally get Shiba killed and apologizes to Abbie for being indirectly responsible for ruining her friendship with Strike. Lynn smells something suspicious, but One-eye at first just dismisses it as the remnants of Cattledog stench. When Lynn remarks that this is actually wolf scent, though, he looks up and they also coincidentally arrive at the den at that moment, only to find Silkey and her killing patrol hanging out around it.  

  Outcast (ep 11)  

  One-eye and Silkey quickly got angry at one another, until Silkey sent her soldiers away and the two of them fought. They wounded one another, but Silkey, even when she has the chance, can't kill him. One-eye is confused at this, just like she, but he seems to accept that his death may come today and asks her to take care of Lynn. When the soldiers attack Lynn and Abbie, he rushes to help Lynn and fights off Rou. After the soldiers are gone again, Silkey tells him he'll let him and Lynn go. The soldiers return when she calls and One-eye pretends do be dead in front of them. When they leave, he remains alone with Lynn. He's later mentioned by Laika that he is the dad of Rou when Taima describes him. In the final scene, he and Lynn are coming to accept that they can't stay in their current territory and have to lives there in the past. They decide to move on and travel to find a safe place to live, leaving Tannenwald.    


    One-eye is shown when Lynn brings him a delicious grouse Sam caught. He is clearly very old and not in a great condition, having grown blind with age, but he still shows relief and kindness when Lynn brings him some food. He later goes back to sleep, only to be seen by Silkey, who considers approaching him to mend their friendship, but in the end doesn't.  

ALO Short Stories #1: A New Life

  One-eye stars in this story, together with Lynn. It takes place right after Norder's death, and One-eye took the pup with him. He's mentally slowly going crazy while the two of them are seeking for a new place to live. He becomes suicidal for a brief moment, but just before he's about to get some humans to shoot himself and Lynn, he bolts away with her and they flee. One-eye has another mental breakdown, but after that, he is on slightly better terms with Lynn, and they find a new territory in Tannenwald, which he claims, after which he decides to become Lynn's "daddy", and he isn't prepared for this new life at all.   

ALO Short Stories #2: Reika's Loss

   One-eye, called Daniel here, appears as a secondary character. He is born to Reika, who loves him to bits, but his father doesn't like him at all due to his deformities. Daniel grows up quickly and is the only surviving pup of the litter. He is a bit weak, but Reika lovingly forces him to use his bad leg, so he becomes stronger. Due to the bad bond with his father, however, the family is split in two for a while. That is, until the next year's litter is born. The family loves the new pups and manage to love one another again for a bit, but two of the pups die early due to what Blaze thinks is Daniel's fault, and the family breaks apart once more. Reika still loves Daniel to no end, but one day he vanishes because he is taken to the Clan.    

ALO Short Stories #3: There and Back Again

    The story starts half a year after the events in episode 1 and the first short story. It's winter and One-eye brings Lynn a rabbit. Their relationship is not great: he constantly screams at her because of his moods wings and mental problems. He goes to sleep and is later woken by a nightmare, and he then realizes there's hunting dogs approaching. They're apparently after him and Lynn, but he bravely fights to protect her, tearing his ears and breaking two of his teeth in the progress. In the end, he's too weak to fight back, and Lynn, after losing her eye, is taken to the human den. At first, he is delighted that she's gone, thinking that he has the world for himself now. But he also has some doubts. He is later shown to rescue Lynn, anyways. He does get a bullet in his leg when escaping, but later removes it and moves on. After all of these misadventures, the two of them go back to the den. One-eye and Lynn are still not very certain of one another, but they do seem to have a slightly closer bond now, since One-eye could've left Lynn go, but he didn't. 


Silkey and One-eye, heartbroken and knowing they're going to be torn apart forever in Forgotten Friendship.

ALO Short Stories #4: Forgotten Friendship

One-eye is shown as a pup in the beginning, and starting his Lone One training. He gets divided into a group of three other pups, of which two constantly bully him. He is shown to have quite the talent for fighting, but he keeps getting bullied an harassed by his group. While time goes on and he gets picked on more and more, he does manage to make one friend despite being hated for his deformities: Silkey. The two get along perfectly and often spend time together. They together grow closer and One-eye gets better and better at his training. He does still keep getting bullied, however, and Arrow also forbade him from seeing Silkey after a while, so they see one another less and less. Until, finally, when hanging out together, Silkey's father, who also befriended One-eye, dies during one of their meetings. In utter panic, Silkey and One-eye warn the Clan together. Arrow gets mad at them for hanging around together, thinking that Silkey'd finally obey her and be more like her now, and castrates One-eye. She permanently separates Silkey from him, too. The two once-friends now grow up separate. One-eye turns into a cold-blooded assassin, and, when the bullies are onto him again, he kills one of them, from now on only staying true to his vow to be a Lone One assassin. Silkey grows into a negative, smaller clone of her mother, at least when it comes to temperament, and starts to see One-eye as a true monster. Their friendship is long gone now.

ALO Short Stories #5: A Broken Promise

Though not formally appearing, One-eye is mentioned when Silkey remembers her friendship with him and his tendency to drool when he gets stressed out.

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  • Elliot Gowan (young)
  • GhostPaint (teen)
  • Trainosaur (adult)
  • Lynnzl (elderly)

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  • Trainosaur (young)
  • Amurlee M (young)
  • Sean Crastien (teen)
  • Sean Crastien (elderly)

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  • One-eye already made his appearance in Lynn's canceled novel New Life, as a anthro wolf. His character almost didn't change at all, only his love for cats and his muntdrop obsession aren't included in ALO.

    One of the earliest pieces of concept art of One-eye back in New Life.

  • One-eye's full name is One-eye Daniel Wolverson the Third, formerly Daniel Wolverson the Third.
  • One-eye doesn't look like his mother at all, but resembles his father a lot.
  • Despite it being his deformed front paw, One-eye is left-pawed/handed.
  • He has many nicknames, like the Deformed Demon, which is the way that most members of the Clan refer to him, and Two-claws, which is a reference to his misshapen frontpaw. It's been confirmed that he also might go by "Master of Death", which was another name the Clan-members called him. Lynn, the animator, also refers to him almost always as Oney in scripts or while talking about him in general. 
  • One-eye was going to die at the end of the series in an earlier draft of the story. 
  • It's been revealed that One-eye outlives Lynn.