One-eye's territory is a territory which lies in Tannenwald and belongs to One-eye and his adopted daughter Lynn.

Known parts Edit

  • The Den: A big tree with small branches on it that grow in a downwards, umbrella-like, shape. These branches make a great "roof". Under the "roof", there is enough place for 3, maybe 4 wolves.

    The Den

  • The edge of the forest: Part of the forest where there are quite a few trees standing very close to eachother, with the edge of the meadow on the other side.
  • The meadows: Rarely used part of the territory. The meadows are big open fields, with some small trees, bushes or rocks spread across it. This part of the territory gets rarely visited, since there are many humans that come here to walk. In summer, the meadows are also used by a farmer, and he puts his cows on it, then. There's also a few draglifts on there. In the winter, the meadows are crowded with humans who are doing wintersports like skiing and snowboarding.
  • The Creek: Broad, large brook that lies just behind a small hill covered with trees. The water is fresh, so it is often drank from by One-eye. Around the brook, there are many small stones that form a small stone bank. The biggest part of the brook is undeep and doesn't stream that fast, so on most places, you can stand in it.
  • The Awkwardtree: Odd tree that bends in an angle of 90 degrees. The top was later cut off by humans. Near this tree, there is a small rabbit hole.