Onyx Corgi
Age 1.5 years (All Lone Ones)

3.5 years (Renegades)

Gender Female
Group/pack None- Cattledog
Species Corgi mix
Status Alive

 Onyx is a pale golden, chubby corgi with dark ears, and back and red scene hair and a red tail tip. She has brighter markings on her muzzle, belly, chest, feet and in her ears. Her eyes are blue.


Onyx is in general a nice corgi, but she can get really mad when something happens to her close ones, although it does take a lot to get her really angry. She's a bit sassy, and always hungry, as you can see by looking at her belly size.

She is usually very chill and patient, but can get emotional at times. She also panics quickly when being away from a food source for too long.

Appearances Edit

Assassin's Cried (ep 3)

After Django tells Kimi about Silkey sending some warriors after One-eye , Onyx is seen in the last scene.

Between Heaven and Hell (ep 4)

Onyx appeared, together with the other dogs, in the beginning of this episode. Silkey makes her offer for them to go after One-eye. The dogs go, but Onyx insists to stay to look after the cattle. She actually finds the whole thing suspicious and wants to discuss it with some of the other Cattledogs. Silkey agrees and let's Onyx stay. Later, Onyx is seen talking with Wolfy about what happened. They both find it a suspicious thing, and after Onyx realizes that this might have something to do with the disappearance from a lot of their Cattledogs previous year, she decides to go to Silkey's base to find out what is actually happening.

Clashing Fangs (ep 5)

Onyx has sneaked into the forest and the territory of the Clan, in search of the lost Cattledogs. She is afraid at first, but keeps assuring herself that she's brave enough to do this. She, however, almost gets noticed by Five , who is in a patrol with Kwebso, Richard and Rassa . Five and Kwebso argue a bit. Five insists that he heard a stranger, yet Kwebso just wants to go back to Silkey. Kwebso manages to convince the old canine to leave, but just as the patrol is leaving, Five noticed Onyx coming out of the bushes. Rassa calls Richard and Kwebso back, and the patrol traps Onyx, who is worried about what they are going to do to her.

The Calm After The Storm (ep 6)


Onyx showing open contempt for Silkey after she hears what fate her friends might have suffered

Onyx lies to the patrol that she's there to join their Clan. Kwebso believes her (kinda), and asks her a few questions, which results into Onyx revealing that her friends went after the Deformed Demon. When Kwebso tells her about the fate of her friends, Onyx becomes very upset, and wants to take revenge for them on Silkey. Kwebso decides that he'll bring Onyx to Silkey if she doesn't attack her, but just acts normal.

This is Our Home (ep 7)

Onyx gets taken to the Main Base by Kwebso and the rest of the patrol. She seems to be upset, though Kwebso does faint attempts to comfort her. On their way, they come across some tree guards, which seems to unsettle Onyx. Later, when they reach the Base, Onyx is shown to be very surprised by the amount of animals that are there. She and the others go get some prey, and, after hesitating, Onyx finally eats some of it as well, after which she asks Kwebso about his past. He explains it, and later tells her that she can stay with the Clan as well if she'd like, but Onyx refuses.

Rufus' Clan (ep 8)

Onyx spoke out against Silkey when the cougar lied about how many dogs she sent after One-eye. She is believed by Rufus. Later, she seems sad that she'll never get a chance to have revenge for her friends. She then does find Jet and Wolfie, two runaway-farmdogs and old acquaintances of Onyx. She talks to them for a while, but then Kwebso interrupts her, because he found out that Onyx's friends are still alive. Onyx intermediately tries to leave the Clan after that. 

Journey To Downfall (ep 9)

 Onyx is trying to get away from the Clan, but since its night and she's followed by a patrol, she doesn't come very far. Kwebso pleads her to stay with the Clan for one more night, until he has Rufus' permission for her to leave. This way, she can get away safely. Onyx reluctantly agrees and they together to back to the Main Base, to get a cave to sleep. The next day, however, Onyx managed to sneak away from the Base and Kwebso once more, attempting leaving by herself again, but she doesn't get far before she's stopped by a dangerous looking patrol of three canines. 

Exclamation Point (ep 10) 


A frightened Onyx being stopped by the patrol

Onyx is being held against her will by Walter from the patrol. He and his fellow Clanmembers are considering what to do with her when Kwebso arrives and pleads Walter to let her go, and allow him to take Onyx safely to their border with Rufus' permission. He sends the patrol back to the Base for the preparations to take down One-eye, and he and Onyx continue on their way to the boundary. Later, Onyx comes across a distraught Strike and Tora, who explain Shiba's death to her. She and Strike, at that very moment, decide to return to their farms for good, and to never go back to the wild again. 



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