Age 1 year (Renegades)
Gender Male
Group/pack Ferals
Species Bernese mountain dog mix
Status Alive

Quasar is a black Bernese mountain dog mix with white and brown markings, a liver colored nose and brown eyes. He misses the majority of his right ear.

Personality Edit

Quasar doesn't seem to care for much things. His speech is rather stiff and stilted and he doesn't really like to talk unless someone asks him to speak. He likes to spend his time patrolling on his own and feels more comfortable alone.

Apparances Edit

Untitled (Renegades ep 3)

Quasar appeared when Kwebso woke up. When Nick asks him how he feels about having the little dog in their midst, Quasar responds that he doesn't care. Later, Big introduces him and Quasar reports to Nick.

Encounter (Renegades ep 4)

Quasar is shown at the patrol with Big and some others. The patrol with him returns to the rendezvous, and Quasar mentions that Kwebso does a lot of chores. He is later taken away by Nick together with Big to discuss Kwebso staying with the Ferals. Quasar doesn't seem to mind Kwebso staying.

Family members Edit

Mother: Quasar's mother (deceased)

Adoptive fathers: Big (alive), Nick (alive), Alan (deceased)

Adoptive mother: Jaire (alive)

Actor Edit

Current Edit

  • Blazethefiredragon