Rassa Clagett
Age 1 year (All Lone Ones)

3 years (Renegades)

Gender Non-binary
Group/pack Rou's Clan
Species Catamount
Status Alive

 Rassa is a pale copper colored cougar with dark brown ears, eye stripes and a dark brown ring around their tail. They have bright reddish markings on their muzzle, under their eyes and on their tail tip. Their left ear has a huge notch in it. Their eyes are very bright green.

Personality Edit

Overall, Rassa seems to have a short-tempered attitude. They are very loyal to Silkey and dream of having her position of second in command once.

Rassa, however, is very young and doesn't still quite understand how the world works. They only want to achieve the best for the Clan and doesn't like outsiders.


Clashing Fangs (ep 5)

Rassa is shown patrolling with Kwebso, Richard and Five . They are the one to find out that Five keeps lagging behind when they are on their way back to the Main Base.

The Calm after the Storm (ep 6)

Rassa is seen with the patrol. They tell Kwebso not to trust Onyx. When the dog reveals that their friends went after One-eye, Rassa isn't very surprised, but still slightly shocked. They say that her friends are probably dead now. When Onyx freaks out and rages at Silkey, Rassa quickly starts defending their leader, but Kwebso hushes them. He later introduces Rassa to Onyx.

This is Our Home (ep 7)

Rassa explains to Onyx what tree guards are on their way to the Base, and they later comment on Onyx's picky eating habits, stating that she should go back to her farm if she insists on not eating any prey.



  • Sean Crastien


  • Rassa was called "Ris" at first, but the name later was changed to Rassa because Lynn has already another character named Ris, also a feline, to prevent confusion between the two.
  • Rassa has also been shown with an almost entirely bright tail, and without notch in the left ear.
  • One of the reasons why Rassa is non-binary is because the creator had trouble deciding whether the character was male or female.