Reika Wolverson
Age 8 years at death
Gender Female
Group/pack None- Lone One
Species Eurasian wolf
Status Deceased

Reika is an aging reddish-brown wolf with brown eyes and dark brown hair. She has a V-shaped spot on her chest.

Personality Edit

Reika was a shy and soft-spoken she-wolf who never expected anything great out of life. Glum ever since her childhood, she experienced a lot of anxiety problems and was afraid to leave her home. However, once she was two years old, her parents were done with her lingering around the Lone One group, and kicked her out of the family. Lone Reika became even more scared than she was before, until she met Blaze, a valiant young wolf. She instantly felt drawn to him, and wanted him to bear her pups. He agreed and they became mates. Eventually, the two even fell in love. Blaze helped Reika overcome her gloominess and anxiety problems, and together they had many children. 

Appearances Edit

Assassin's cried (ep 3)

Reika is seen sitting alongsite her mate Blaze, watching Daniel and Laika play. She tells them to stop playing so rough, and gives Daniel premission to take Laika out on a territory-tour.

ALO Short Stories #2: Reika's Loss

Reika is the main character of this story. It follows her through the last year or so of her life. She bears Daniel, a deformed pup, and Blaze clearly dislikes her for that. After the two "good" pups they had die, and only Daniel survives, the family grows cold to one another, except that the bond between Daniel and Reika becomes immensely close. Reika loves her son more than anything. The next year, she and Blaze decide to have pups one final time, because maybe some non-deformed pups could finally cheer them up again. She bears two males and a female, but due to an accident the males die early on. Blaze blames Daniel for it, and the family's relationships are negative once more, though Reika and Blaze do pretend to keep loving one another for Laika's sake. Later, Laika returns from a walk with Daniel alone, and all they find is Daniel's eye in a pool of blood and a catamount scent. Reika, assuming that her most beloved pup had died, goes crazy and runs away, mourning over the loss of her son, until a human shoots her and she dies.

Family MembersEdit



  • Chibitamichan

Trivia Edit

  • In concept Reika was a strong-built female wolf with markings equalling One-eye's, called Sally. Later, she changed dramatically into this Reika.
  • Prior to the style change in episode 1 of Renegades, Reika was the only character with eyelashes.
  • Reika is named after 'Reika' from Ginga Densetsu Weed.