Episode 1: Commonplace
Season 2, Episode 1

Air date May 17th, 2017
Written by Lynnzl, Sean Crastien (reviser)
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Epilogue Renegades Episode 2: Recreancy
Commonplace is the first episode of Renegades, the spinoff based on All Lone Ones.

Summary Edit

The episode starts with a young Richard and Kwebso in their old owner´s home. Their old master has been dead for weeks, and Kwebso finally gathers the courage to leave her, knowing that he doesn´t have it in him to have to eat his owner once they run out of food.

After some struggling, they manage to get their way out of their home, during which Richard grabs an oversized hoodie, to remember his old owner by. They leave the house, but not before burying their old owner and swearing to never have another human again.

Some time has passed, and Kwebso is trying to hunt, but fails. He expresses his annoyance with this, until Richard shows up with a bird, and Kwebso remarks that at least Richard seems to have some sort of hunting instinct.

Months later, when it is winter, the two are out hunting again in their territory. They are both teenagers now, and look terrible because neither of them is particularly well-adjusted to living in the wild. They try to hunt a grouse, but don't come far before a brown wolfdog comes in and kills the grouse, taking it away. Infuriated by just having a random animal having taken their prey, Kwebso and Richard follow him, until they accidentally leave their own territory and enter that of the Clan, without them knowing. They get spotted by Masha and the wolfdog from earlier, and she tells them that they are in fact on the turf that belongs to Rufus. Kwebso is confused, and, after figuring out that Kwebso and Richard suck at living in the wild, Masha invites them to get to know the Clan.

Two years after the final confrontation between Silkey and One-eye, at Clan territory, Richard, Kwebso, Starlight and Django are patrolling. Starlight tries to catch a rabbit, but fails. Kwebso mentions that Richard normally would've sensed the rabbit earlier than he did this time, but Richard just shrugs it off. Starlight expresses frustration over not having caught that rabbit, mentioning that she had a bet with Walter on who'd be able to catch five rabbits in a row first. Richard remarks very insensitively that she lost, and the patrol moves on.

When it's evening and they are back at the Main Base, Kwebso and Richard retreat to their cave, where Kwebso once more brings up the fact that Richard seems to have changed. At first, he doesn't get much out of his brother. However, when Kwebso guesses that Richard is sick, Richard confirms this. Shocked, Kwebso tries to get more information out of Richard, but he just seems to be vague about it, and doesn't seem to be interested in taking any measures to get better. Kwebso explodes with frustration that Richard won't tell more, but then finally drops the subject.

Later, at night, Kwebso wakes up Richard to ask if his sickness is deadly. Richard responds to this by saying that it's incurable. Kwebso once more gets upset at his brother, knowing he's going to die, but Richard doesn't want to talk about it and goes back to sleep. Kwebso, blinking away his tears, does so, too.

Goofs Edit

  • The size of the chairs in the house of Kwebso's and Richard's old owner varies.
  • Kwebso's collar size is inconsistent while he's a pup.
  • The screen moves slightly when Richard ties the hoodie around his neck.
  • Richard's cheek fur has the wrong shape when he says "Goodnight, Kwebso."

Trivia Edit

  • Somewhere in the two years of time in between ALO and Renegades, Richard's ear got thorn.
  • The design of the wolfdog taking the grouse is based on a character Lynnzl created way back for her earlier story, From Omega To Alpha.
  • Though not a mistake and instead just a design alteration, Kwebso and Richard both gain pale eyebrows throughout the episode. Kwebso is also given bottom eyelashes.
  • As can be seen in the back view shot during the funeral Kwebso and Richard give their owner, Kwebso was slightly bigger than Richard as a pup.
  • However, Richard's voice sunk in earlier.