Episode 2: Recreancy
Season 2, Episode 2

Air date August 22nd, 2017
Written by Lynnzl, Sean Crastien (reviser)
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Recreancy is the second episode of Renegades, the spinoff based on All Lone Ones.

Summary Edit

The episode starts off with Johanna roaming the forest. Not far away, Richard and Kwebso are on a patrol. Kwebso remarks a scent being back again, and expresses being tired and not wanting to investigate. However, because protocol demands it, they go anyways. Richard is about to go the wrong way, when Kwebso tells his brother that it's the other way and that his sense of scent seems to be affected pretty badly by his sickness. Kwebso then spots Johanna, and pins her, asking why she is on Clan territory. Johanna begs to be let go, and Kwebso nonverbally communicates that Kwebso is being to hard on her, to which the dog responds by letting the Cattledog go. Kwebso then says that the sickness is apparently also making Richard softer, because Richard didn't mind violence earlier. Richard barely responds, and the duo goes back to the Main Base.

Arriving there, they find Rou scolding Zaria for falling asleep on her watch, his mate beside him. When Zaria leaves and he sees the two brothers, Rou asks how their patrol went. Kwebso tells them about the dog, to which Taima responds by seeming eager to kill the dog for invading. Richard brings the news that the dog is gone already, and Rou responds angrily because they ignored protocol. Richard leaves, and Rou is about to tell Kwebso that the next morning patrol is his. Taima points out that Richard never talked directly to her or Rou before, and that this is strange. She suspects something might be going on. Kwebso vaguely hints that something might in fact be going on with Richard, which confuses Taima. Rou then points out that Richard is leaving the clearing. Kwebso goes to investigate.

Kwebso follows his brother's scent trail, all the way back to where they were this morning, and, then, even beyond. He starts calling out for his brother, only for Richard to jump out of the bushes at him and pin him down. He tells Kwebso to be quiet, and lets him go. Kwebso instantly tells Richard that they should be going back, and then sees Johanna with his brother as well. This confuses him. Kwebso concludes that Richard came back here to visit Johanna, who then tells him that she and Richard are mates. This confused Kwebso, who becomes pretty angry. Richard refuses to talk at first, but then introduced Johanna, revealing that he first met Johanna a while ago and then attacked her for trespassing. However, the duo then made amends and fell in love, meeting several times after their first meeting. Kwebso points out that Richard shouldn't be going on his own like that with his sickness, to which Richard responds by saying that he was never sick, and that he simply hoped to fake his own death so he could go and live on Johanna's farm with her. Kwebso becomes very angry at this, saying that this goes against their oath and Richard's loyalty to the Clan. Richard responds that he never really felt at home in the Clan. Kwebso concludes that Richard is going to leave, which upsets him even more. Richard confirms this, and Johanna reluctantly offers that maybe Kwebso could come with them, too. Now teary-eyed, Kwebso is shocked at leaving the Clan, even though Johanna remarks that the Clan is full of monsters. Kwebso tells them that the Clan gave them a home and a purpose, but Richard doesn't take any of it and tells Kwebso to defect with him, as brothers. Kwebso refuses, and expresses that he thought that nothing could shatter their bond. Richard offers his brother to come with him one more time, but Kwebso refuses again. Richard gives Kwebso his hoodie to remember him by. Kwebso begs for Richard to come back one more time, but his brother refuses. Kwebso, upset, tells his brother then that this means that their bond ends here. Richard points out that this is unfortunate, and that he isn't going back. Kwebso wishes his brother farewell. Richard nods and leaves with Johanna. Kwebso breaks down on the ground, crying.

Goofs Edit

  • Kwebso's blaze vanishes a few times.
  • Kwebso's eyelashes vanish at least once.
  • Johanna doesn't stay on-model throughout the episode, making her proportions inconsistent. When the episode starts, she appears to be roughly the same size and have about the same proportions as a dog like Shiba, but at the end of the episode she appears much taller and with a smaller head. Her ears also go from average size and being floppy to being very long, with only the tips flopping over.
  • Richard first says that he didn't feel like he belonged in the Clan since around the time Silkey "lost her mind", but his next line of dialogue says that he never felt like he belonged there.
  • There are a couple of times where the lip sync is off.
  • The 180 degree rule is broken in the final scene.

Trivia Edit

  • After the episode was almost done, Lynnzl decided that Johanna should be a lesbian. However, this wouldn't work with the plot, since the main reason why she exists is to be Richard's mate, so she's currently bi.
  • During editing the final scene, Lynnzl made a pretty stupid mistake. The original final frame, where Kwebso breaks down crying on the ground, was drawn on meadows. However, having already edited the rest of the scene, Lynnzl used forest backgrounds. Because it would make no sense for the setting to suddenly shift from a forest to a meadow with no trees, the final frame had to be redrawn.
  • The ending is a reference to Unknown Blood episode 6.