Episode 4: Encounter
Season 2, Episode 4

Air date June 19th, 2018
Written by Lynnzl
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Renegades Episode 3: Untitled N/A
Encounter is the fourth episode of Renegades, the spinoff based on All Lone Ones.


The episode starts with Big, Quasar, Jaire and Kwebso patrolling the territory. Big teases Kwebso about being tired of doing chores with them already, and they then return to the rendezvous, where Nick is waiting for them.

Nick is still not content with Kwebso being with them, despite Big's praise of the Shikaru mix. Nick takes Quasar and Big apart to talk to them about Kwebso. They come to the conclusion that he can stay for a while longer.

Meanwhile, Jaire and Kwebso are at the rendezvous, talking about Richard, the Clan and the backstories of some of the Ferals. Nick interrupts them, asking Jaire if she's okay with Kwebso staying, to which she responds by nodding.

Nick takes Kwebso apart to talk to him alone. He brings the news that the scarred dog can stay a while longer, which delights Kwebso. They continue talking, until a wounded Starlight approaches them. Nick instantly grows suspicious of her when Kwebso mentions he knows her from the Clan. Starlight faints before she can say what she wants to. Since she might bleed to death if she's not taken care of properly, Kwebso and Nick bring her to the rendezvous, where Kwebso begs Jaire and Big to heal Starlight.

Nick takes Kwebso apart again, saying that if this is some kind of dirty trick by the Clan, he will personally kill both Kwebso and Starlight.


  • The animation on Kwebso is choppy in one shot.
  • Nick's markings are the wrong color in one shot.
  • Kwebso misses one of his scars in one shot.
  • Starlight's scars are inconsistent.
  • Kwebso says that Richard never talked, but he in fact did, just very little.


  • Originally this episode was to be titled Prospect. Encounter was the working title of episode 3.