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Richard Regano
Age 3.5 years
Gender Male
Group/pack Rufus' Clan (formerly: pet dog/loner)
Species Shikaru Dog
Status Alive

 Richard is a pale reddish brown dog with white markings on his face, chest, belly, hind legs and tail, sand colored, pointy ears and maroon colored eyes. He always wears a red sweather.

Personality Edit

Richard appears to be very quiet. He rarely speaks, and does as he is told without any questions. He seems nonchalant towards even the most dire things and just lets stuff happen, thinking it will work itself out. He is loyal to Rufus' Clan and a good fighter. He values his brother above everything else.


Clashing Fangs (ep 5)

Richard is patrolling together with Kwebso , Rassa and Five . He is very uninterested and just does as he's told but after Five keeps lollygagging, he tells him to do as Kwebso orders.

The Calm after the Storm (ep 6)

Richard is shown on the side of Kwebso and Rassa. He is staring at Onyx, not amused by her. When she mentions One-eye, everyone else is shocked, but Richard just raises his ears. Later, when Kwebso is leaning on him to attack Five, Richard doesn't seem be be very amused, either.

This is Our Home (ep 7)

He appeared briefly among Kwebso and the patrol.

Family MembersEdit

  • Brother: Kwebso (alive)

    Richard in his 2008 design



  • MrRCT8


  • Richard is an OC Lynn actually created back in 2008. Nothing about him changed, exept for his personality.

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