Richard Regano
Age 2.5 years (All Lone Ones)

4.5 years (Renegades)

Gender Male
Group/pack None- Cattledog (formerly: pet dog, loner, Rufus' Clan)
Species Shikaru dog mix
Status Alive

 Richard is a reddish brown dog with white markings on his face, chest, belly, hind legs and tail, sand colored, big, pointy ears, one of which is torn, and brown eyes.

Personality Edit

Richard appears to be very quiet. He rarely speaks, and does as he is told without any questions. He seems nonchalant towards even the most dire things and just lets stuff happen, thinking it will work itself out. He was loyal to Rufus' Clan and a decent fighter. He valued his brother above everything else, prior to meeting Johanna. He doesn't mind using violence on others, as long as he doesn't love them.


Clashing Fangs (ep 5)

Richard is patrolling together with Kwebso, Rassa and Five . He is very uninterested and just does as he's told but after Five keeps lollygagging, he tells him to do as Kwebso orders.

The Calm after the Storm (ep 6)

Richard is shown on the side of Kwebso and Rassa. He is staring at Onyx, not amused by her. When she mentions One-eye, everyone else is shocked, but Richard just raises his ears. Later, when Kwebso is leaning on him to attack Five, Richard doesn't seem be be very amused, either.

This is Our Home (ep 7)


Richard stalking the grouse.

He appeared briefly among Kwebso and the patrol.

Commonplace (Renegades ep 1)

Richard appeared alongside Kwebso as pups in the flashback .They wonder when their owner will wake up, and decide to leave the house. As the brothers leave, they first bury their owner and swear to never take another master as sign of their loyalty to their late one. They then leave, into the wild. As time passes, Kwebso is dreadful at hunting, but Richard is clearly somewhat better. Months go by, and the two grow to look emaciated. Then, one day, a grouse gets stolen from their territory. Kwebso and Richard stalk the culprit, accidentally beyond their own borders, until they reach Clan territory, where a patrol finds them. The leader asks if they want to join Rufus' Clan.

Recreancy (Renegades ep 2)

Richard and Kwebso are first seen patrolling the Clan border, when Kwebso notes that a suspicious smell is back. Richard wants to go, but Kwebso points out that the smell is the other way. They find Johanna in Clan territory. Kwebso pins her down and asks her what she's doing here, trespassing. Richard nonverbally tells Kwebso that he's being too hard on Johanna, which prompts Kwebso to reluctantly let her go. Once she vanished, Kwebso points out that the sickness is changing Richard, because he didn't mind violence earlier. Richard barely responds, and they go back to the Main Base. There, they find Rou, and Kwebso tells him of the dog. Taima appears eager to kill the dog for trespassing, but Richard responds by telling them that the dog is already gone. Rou scolds them, and Richard leaves. Not long after that, after conversing with Kwebso for a bit, Rou spots Richard leaving the clearing and says so. Kwebso goes to investigate. He follows his brother's scent back to where they were this morning, and even beyond the territory border. When he starts calling for his brother, Richard jumps on him, pins him down and shuts him up. When he lets his brother go, Kwebso sees that Richard is with Johanna. He tells Richard that they should get back right away, and he asks what Johanna is doing here. Kwebso figures out that Richard came here to visit Johanna, and becomes confused. Johanna points out that they are mates now. This confuses Kwebso, and he begs Richard for an explanation. Richard doesn't talk at first, but then reluctantly introduces his mate, pointing out that they first met a while back. At first he attacked Johanna for invading Clan territory, but he then quickly made amends and they fell in love. He'd sneaked off a couple of times after meeting her for the first time to see her again. Kwebso points out that Richard shouldn't be going out on his own when he is sick, but Richard becomes frustrated and mentions that he was never sick, and that he just lied about the sickness in order to fake his own death to go and live on Johanna's farm. Kwebso becomes infuriated with his brother, pointing out that this is disloyal to the Clan. Richard mentions that he doesn't feel like he belongs in the Clan, and that he's going to leave here and now, despite Kwebso's wishes. When Kwebso becomes very upset because of this, Johanna reluctantly offers Kwebso a place with her and Richard on the farm, which Kwebso declines out of loyalty to the Clan and his old owner. Richard asks him to defect with him after this, but Kwebso is too upset because Richard chose Johanna over him. Richard says that love is a powerful thing and that he hoped Kwebso'd understand. Kwebso thinks that their bond is broken, but Richard says that it doesn't have to be shattered, offering one last time for him to come with them. Kwebso refuses again, and Richard then leaves his hoodie for his brother to remember him by, and he tells him that he's not changing his mind. Kwebso says that this means that their bond ends here. Richard mentions that he thinks it's unfortunate, but that if the Clan works for Kwebso, he should suit himself. Kwebso says farewell to his brother, and Richard nods his bye back. He and Johanna then leave together, leaving an emotional wreck of a Kwebso behind.

Untitled (Renegades ep 3)

Though not shown, Richard is mentioned various times by Kwebso and other characters.

Family MembersEdit



  • Kyle Jordan (adult)
  • Sean Crastien (teen)

Past Edit

  • MrRCT8

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Richard in his 2008 design

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  • Richard is an OC Lynnzl actually created back in 2008. Nothing much about him changed, except for his personality.
  • At one point, Richard was going to die instead of run away with his mate.
  • Richard can often be seen with one eyebrow slightly higher than the other.