Rou's Clan, often also referred to as "The Clan", and formerly called "Saedin's Clan" and "Rufus' Clan", is a huge clan existing out of all kinds of animals that inhabit the mountain: lynxes, foxes, wolves, Wildcats, catamounts and wild dogs.


Just after the Great Zoo Breakout, the mountains where one big chaos. Lots of new animals where roaming the mountains, and the native animals, like Eurasian wolves, where totally disoriented. The zoo animals as well. Lots of the escaped animals got shot by humans, but some animals started to settle: the catamounts, the red, and some bears. The humans decided to leave these animals alone, since they once lived in these mountains as well.

This caused, however, even more stress among the animals on the mountain, native and ex-zoo animals. That was, until a young wolfdog named Saedin stepped up. He decided to take the entire mountain, gather followers, and arrange one, big, peaceful Clan, where he would try to organize the animals. He would put them in smaller groups, like families for example, and each family or group would get its own part of land to live on, and live under Saedin's rules.

He soon found animals that seconded his ideas. One of these was Arrow, a cougar, and her mate. She quickly became Saedin's second in command as the time went on.

Many other animals followed it. They saw Saedin's plan as the only solution for the constant fights between the animals on the mountain.

There was, however, one small problem. The Lone Ones didn't agree to his offer. They wanted to stay independent as they have always lived. Saedin tried to reason with them various times, but each time he ended up being almost killed by the Lone Ones. And thus, a new plan was found. All Lone Ones had to be killed. It was for the greater good, Saedin thought.

But, if Lone Ones are known for one thing, it is ferocity and hostility. None of Saedin's followeres wanted to go on a task to kill Lone Ones, especially not the bigger groups. Arrow found a solution to this, however. She would visit each Lone One family that was in their way for expanding their territory, and that had pups. Arrow would wait until the strongest looking of the pups would be alone, and then she would give them one simply choice: come with her, otherwise the entire family of the pup would be killed. Those that did not agree, would be killed themselves, and the family shortly thereafter.

The pups that did came with Arrow, where trained to be assassins. As they where done with their training: their task was simple: kill all Lone Ones in your way.

This way, the Clan quickly gained more and more territory. Saedin gave each family it's own small part of his huge territory.

When Saedin grew old, he had gained the entire mountain as a part of his territory. The only parts he didn't use of his territory, were those where humans often came. But, a new problem came: the territory was getting too small for the entire Clan, which had many new offsprings now.

Saedin retired when he was 14 years old, which is really old for wolf standards. He passed on his throne to his son Rufus. Rufus managed to get a little bit of the old discipline of the Clan back by dividing his territory in 5 districts: 4 led by his siblings, and one central one led by himself. The central district was more or less like a capital. Animals of all kinds can come there to talk to Rufus, and it is also where most of his warriors and guards live.

Silkey, who took the 2nd in command place after Arrow's death, also lived there. It is her job to keep stuff well organized in the central district for almost the entire time. Rufus is gone a lot, for he often goes on trips to the other districts to see how stuff is going there.

The Lone One assassin plan is still being continued, to gain even more land, though Rufus doesn't seem to like this plan as much as others.

In modern times, Rou and his followers have taken over, renaming the Clan Rou's Clan.

Significant membersEdit

Important members of the Clan sorted by ranking. Usually the mates and pups of those get high rankings as well.

If it says "formerly" behind ones name, this can mean that the individual has died. However, it could also just be that the animal in question stepped down or left the Clan (though the latter is rare).


Leader's mateEdit

Second in commandEdit

Second in command's mateEdit

  • Brad (formerly)
  • Taima (formerly)
  • Unknown (current)

Leaders personal advisors: Edit

  • Jade (formerly)
  • Swift (formerly)
  • Unknown (current))

First district leaderEdit

  • Aless (formerly)
  • Unknown (current)

Second district leaderEdit

  • Selang (formerly)
  • Unknown (current)

Second district leader's mateEdit

  • Lady (formerly)
  • Unknown (current)

Third district leaderEdit

  • Skull (formerly)
  • Unknown (current)

Fourth district leaderEdit

  • Claw (formerly)
  • Unknown (current)

Trivia Edit

  • The Clan seems to be predominantly populated by canines, not felines. This is most likely since felines are more solitary animals, and possibly also due to the fact that there are less cougars, lynxes, cats and Wildcats out there than wolves, foxes, wolfdogs and dogs.