Ru Canisse
Age 5 years (All Lone Ones)

7 years at death (Renegades)

Gender Female
Group/pack Rufus' Clan
Species Spaniel
Status Deceased

Ru is a blue-coated spaniel with a light blue underbelly, blue eyes and a earring. She is Rufus' mate.

Personality Edit

Ru is very nice and softspoken, and a perfect counterpart to her also nice but more certain mate, Rufus. She loves him to bits and dreams of one day raising a family with him, but she knows he's too busy for that, and because he often travels, and she therefore hardly sees him, he's also too busy to raise pups with her.

Because her loved mate is away so often, and Ru is pretty shy when he isn't around, the leader of the Main Base when Rufus is gone is Silkey, and not Ru, who is pretty sad on the inside that her mate is always gone, but is too shy and afraid to tell him anything.

Appearances Edit

The Call of Kitty (ep 2)

Ru is seen calling for Rufus

Between Heaven and Hell (ep 4)

Ru is seen sitting on one of the main spots of Rufus clan. She is just looking over them, but then she hears bushes ristling. She turns aroudn to see her mate, Rufus, standing behind her.

Rufus' Clan (ep 8)

Ru is seen briefly alongside Rufus. She hears the news that the Demon is still alive and is shown to be rather distressed because of this, but her mate comforts her.

Untitled (Renegades ep 3)

Ru breaks up Taima and Kwebso when the former attacks the latter. She calls Rou out on his behavior of pushing his own agenda rather than Rufus'.

Family MembersEdit



  • Ghostpaint

Past Edit

  • SilverNight03