Saedin Canisse
Age 14 years at death
Gender Male
Group/pack Saedin's/Rufus' Clan
Species Red wolf/husky-shepherd mix
Status Deceased

Saedin is a dark red colored red wolf with brighter red markings on his muzzle, forehead, neck, back and tail and pale blue eyes. His left ear is thorn in the tip.

Saedin is the father of Rufus and the one who created his Clan, later called Rufus' Clan, to create peace on the mountain.


Assassin's Cried (ep 3)

Saedin was mentioned by Arrow, when she explained about the Clan. 

Family Members:Edit


  • Saedin was formerly called Krasny, after the Russian word красный (Krasnyy), which means red. His name was later changed.