Age Unknown
Gender Male
Group/pack Rufus' Clan
Species Cat
Status Alive

Salmonface is a pale salmon-pink tom cat with sandy colored inner ears, a dark red nose and bright yellow eyes.


The Calm after the Storm (ep 6)

Salmonface made a brief appearence. He is sitting on a meadow and licking his paw when Shiba almost crashes into him. He jumps away and flees, while she hits a nearby pole.

This is Our Home (ep 7)

He made a small appearance at the end.


  • Salmonface is a character of Lynn's good friend Sean Crastien, who originally put the cat as an easter egg in each episode of his "Into the Wild" series. After it got cancelled, Lynn decided to put him in episode 6 of ALO to make sure his "legacy" didn't end.